Bacon Hot Dogs Sausage

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Susanna - November 19

I heard that you were not supposed to eat these items. Has anyone else heard this and do you know the reason why?


Missy - November 19

Uh Oh, Ive been eating lots of bacon, I've never heard you are not suppose to eat it? I hope it is safe.


Christine - November 19

LOL...girls this is my 3rd pregnancy and I have never heard that before...bacon is greasy..should cut back on grease dogs?...I eat them with onions and sauce all the time...seem to be craving them this time around...and sausage...well I guess if you dont eat pork (haha)...I dont think there is any reason for not eating any of them...have as healthy as possible but dont get upset if you snack...good luck


Audrey - November 21

There are two big reasons to avoid these foods. 1. Bacon, hot dogs, lunch meats and other processed meats contain a chemical preservative called sodium nitrite/nitrate that can be harmful to the baby. 2. Processed meat (and raw eggs too) can also carry a bacterium called listeria. Healthy women do not usually have symptoms from it but the baby can be harmed. If you do eat things like hot dogs and sausage, do so in moderation and cook them very well.


Donna - November 21

i also heard you cant eat hot dogs theres something in them that might harm..but ive been eating lots of bacon :)


christi - December 9

preseved meats, like hot dogs, and lunch meats, and smoked meats like fish, ham, and bacon all contain nitrates, which when either cooked at high temperatures or once digested in your stomach can convert to nitrites. nitrites have been linked with cancer in children. this is the concern with nitrates. best to avoid them if possible, but if you must eat them, foods rich in vitamin c have shown they inhibit the nitrates turning into nitrites in the stomach... so if you eat hotdogs or deli meats, make sure to drink your orange juice, or have a dark leafy veggie with it, as they both contain high levels of vitamin c.


Julie - December 10

Yes. I think it's the sodium nitrite and nitrate in these cured products that is bad for us and the baby.


estee - December 11

children who eat about 12 hot dogs a month are nine times more likely to develop childhood leukemia than vegetarian kids, according to a university of southern california study.


estee - December 11

nothing will benefit human health and increase the changes of survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. - Albert Einstein



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