Bacterial Infections

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Too embarrased to say - April 28

Has anybody else been plaqued by these since getting pregnant? I never had any issued and I have now had one treatment and my Nurse Pract_tioner called and said that if I am not experiencing symptoms, they won't treat me again until 14 weeks. I am 11. She said it is completely normal??? Is it? Anybody else????


---- - April 28

what do you mean by infections? like down there? I got my first and only yeast infection while i was pregnant with my first and didn't even know 'till i went in for my first prenatal and they did a pap. My doctor said it was very common to have some kind of infection down there when you first get pregnant because of hormones and stuff. I hope this helps


Too emabarrased - April 28

I meant to say that I have another one now after the 1st treatment and they won't treat it until 14 weeks. I am just so nervous that something will happen bad?!?!?!?!?


Too embara__sed - April 28

--- thank you!!!! That is what I meant! down there... I have never had one.. and I am embara__sed and worried! Thank you for your post!! I feel better! She seemed to think I will be fine (my NP) and not to worry at all!!!


mpi - April 28

i'm 12 weeks. i have a mild yeast infection.. my first one ever. they gave me a prescription for a cream. I cant wait till it goes away!!!! its nothing to be embara__sed about. they sure do suck tho. haha


ickyfeeling - April 28

Yeah.. I'm nine weeks. The doc just called to inform me that I have a yeast infection. I was a little weirded out, so I'm glad to see this. I don't feel any symptoms, so they aren't doing anything about it at this point.


--- - April 28

ickyfeeling.. that's what my doc said too. they only want to treat it if the symptoms are uncomfortable otherwise it's not a big deal.


embara__sed - April 28

you guys are making me feel so much better, thank you a TON!


----- - April 28



Me too - April 28

I had a bacterial vaginitis at 6.5 weeks and was prescribed a v____al cream for it. The cream gave me a horrible yeast infection for which I got to take more cream treatments! I think it is over with now, but yes, I think they are common during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes.


Don't be embarrased!! - April 30

Metronidazole is the cream that will get rid of BV. Also eat alot of yogurt. It help take away the smell. If it don't go away, tell your doctor. Good Luck!!


ns - May 19

You can never get an infection, but once you become pregnant they all seem to attract to you. I had an infection with both of my pregnancies so don't worry



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