Bad Cold Any Natural Relief Suggestions

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Peachtree - February 23

I've had a bad cold for a week now. It started as a sore throat, that led to swollen glands in my neck/throat, and difficulty swallowing, then it moved to my sinuses, which are clogged, but I'm also filling kleenex after kleenex with mucus (sorry, this is going to get even grosser). The mucus is sometimes clear, and sometimes yellow and sometimes green (yuck!). I don't want to take any medications, and I'd like to know if anyone has any natural suggestions for helping to get over a bad cold faster, or draining their sinuses (besides steaming your face, I've tried that, and it kind of works a little, but the effects don't last long) I'm sleeping with a vapourizer beside me, but I'm still really stuffy and gross after a week! Please help!


grace2 - February 23

Sorry to hear you're feeling so sick. Nothing worse that a cold, that's for sure. That way I see it, drugs and medicines aren't going to help you get over your cold faster anyways, they'll just make the pain go away for a bit. If you're used to taking medicine thought it must be tough to be pregnant on top of having a cold. The best thing for a cold is lots of rest and lots of liquid (orange juice, apple juice...). I would reccomend taking raw garlic. It may be smelly but it's powerful stuff and you can feel it clearing your sinuses. Don't underestimate the healing power of garlic, it's a pretty amazing remedy for lots of things. If you're still too stuffed up I'm pretty sure it's safe to use a nasal spray instead of taking a decongestant and if you have a sore throat menthol throat drops will do fine if you can;t take any cough syrup. Hope this help. Take good care!


akmomma - February 26

Alright~ To clarify! DO NOT USE NASAL SPRAYS! Goodness, they contain medicines that are sometimes harsher than in cold medicines! If you need to clear the nose, use a saline nasal spray, (I like Ocean brand...) Sudafed is also safe for a decongestant, and will provide the most relief from the stuffies...This is critical. The longer you go stuffed up, the more the bacteria in there like to grow, and you will get a sinus infection if you let it all just sit up there! Also, Fruit Juices have allot of sugar in them, and I really don't recommend them...Drink plenty of good old water for your cold. If your mucous turns green and stays that way, it is a sure sign of infection, and you should see your dr. right away. I just got over a sinus infection, and really know what your going thru, (I suffered with it for a month trying "natural" remedies and ended up taking antibiotics for a week.) I hope this helps, feel better!


Allisonc79 - February 27

I used to work at a shop where they had every herbal remedy in the world. But just because its herbal, or natural doesn't necessarily mean safe. Orange juice helps for your immunity, but will not cure it. I take Sutafed or Tylonol because it's been approved by doctors, more of a safe bet.



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