Bad Headache 12 Weeks

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diana_1 - February 17

Hi girls, I hope everyone's doing fine. I was just wondering if this is normal or not. I have started having this headache about 2 days ago, it went away for a little bit and and came back last night and hasnt gone ever since... I am 12 weeks - almost 13 and was just wondering if this is normall..... any input from anyone?


KSM - February 17

i am very prone to headaches anyway, so it is hard to tell for me what is pregnancy related. but i have been worse for the past few days and i am just 5 1/2 w. i'm sure it is normal


javidsgirl - February 17

diana it is normal i stated getting them around the sametime as you i am 14 weeks now and they are bit more frequent


sfrog68 - February 17

Diana, I have had headaches through out my pregnancy, they are mild but I usually get them atleast 4 or 5 times a week. I am only 8w4d. I think it is a common symptom of pregnancy.


debbie80 - February 17

Diana- I am 12 weeks prego and it seems like just recently I started to get some bad headaches..they dont last very long but when they do come, it sure does is a common pregnancy systom. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about what you can take.


kristinns25 - February 19

I am 12 weeks and last week I started getting dull headaches that made me feel sick. They seem to come in the evenings after a long day of work. I usually get one every other day or so.


Kime - February 19

i am 21 weeks and i have been having headaches since around 6 weeks. My dr. had to put me on migraine medication b/c they are so bad now, that i cannot drive when i have them b/c they blurr my vision. at first they were just mild and now that im 5 months they are getting worse and worse


Megan P - February 19

I've been getting headaches too since about 7 weeks. They suck! Tylenol doesn't do anything for them. I'm on nausea meds now too- Compazine. Anyone have luck with that?


ginger6363 - February 19

my doctor said headaches become more common in the 2nd trimester---sounds like you are almost there---maybe this is what's going on with you?


diana_1 - February 19

thank you soo much gils for all your input! I guess thats another joy of pregnancy! :P My headaches are better now. I become 13 weeks tomorrow! Im so excited about going into the 2nd trimester. Anyone else due Aug 28th?


kristinns25 - February 20

diana - I'm not due the 28th but on Sept. 1st so we are very close.


Erin1979 - February 20

when I was 12 weeks preggo with my daughter I had the worst migrane which lasted for an entire week. It was horrible. After that, I felt OK, and did not have another one my entire pregnancy. Good luck!



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