BARELY Visible Line On Test

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maggie - November 8

Help! I reeeeeally want to be pregnant, and I took 2 tests yesterday....I had a VERY faint line on both (2 different brands)...I had to hold them a certain way in a certain light, but 2 hours later one had a definite pink line and the other had a faint grey-ish line. This morning I had another BARELY there line, not sure if it was my imaginiation or not. I know you're not supposed to rely on results after the 5 minute testing period, but is there any way that I could be pregnant since they both developed lines over time???


to maggie - November 8

wait another couple of days and retest, how many days late are you.


maggie - November 8

I'm 5 days late


Tammy - November 8

I had the same with my 1st child and i was pregnant. I think you are. If I was u I would go to your doctor and have a blood test or urine test done! GOOD LUCK!!


eyebeeablessing2u - November 9

Congrats... the only way to get a finat line is to have HCG long as the lines are the same color as the darker one...


shea - November 10

I had that with both by children .. the doctors office did the same test and was neg ... they had to do a blood test both time.. but i bought my 5th test on my way home .. and it was postive again very faint line .. the doctors office call be two days later and told i was pregnant... good luck :)


Mandy - November 11

Maggie, I took my test and noticed a faint line on my test as well. Besides somewhat freaking out that I might be pregnant, I immediately made a Dr's appointment and they got me in that day. They took a simple blood test and determined that yes, I was pregnant. I would suggest calling you doc and getting the blood test. The best of luck to you, it's such an exciting time!


m - November 11

Maggie, I'd like to refer you to 2 threads. The first is in Signs of Pregnancy, "6 Days Late - light line on test". The second is in General Pregnancy Questions, "hrm, evaporation line????" There are a couple of pessimists floating around in those 2 threads, but you should listen to all of the other women speaking from experience, rather than from the ones speaking from what they've read on a box! good luck and congrats!


jackie - November 11



m - November 11

You wouldn't know this unless you were too! That's kindof the point of coming to this board.... you get to look at everything!


jackie - November 11

im no doctor but i think you are. ive had the same situation with all 3 of my pregnancies and i called the ept hotline as well. the rep told me that even the faintest line is a positive.. good luck!


m - November 11

No, I'm not a doc, I have just been through a lot, and I like to share my experiences. Good luck to you too!


emma - November 16

Hey, today is tuesday. Last thursday I took home 2 preg tests and took one on the thurs arvo. I waited the 5 minutes it recommends for early pregnancy detection and right at the last minute it turned the FAINTEST pink line that gradually got darker in the minutes that followed. I took the 2nd test on the friday morning and the same thing happened. Scheduled a blood test for Saturday morning where the doctor told me that I was pregnant as a line wont appear otherwise. Got my blood work back last night and sure enough am 3 weeks preg!! Am stoked!!


m - November 16

Yay, Emma... congratulations!



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