Beautiful January Babies Part 2

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austynsmommy - June 18

A new thread ladies. Hope everyone is feeling a little better


klc03 - June 19

thank you cyndi!!! i'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. i hit my ten week mark today. i've noticed my enercy is starting to come back. still not fully there.. but atleast i can stay awake at work now. =) my m/s is getting better. it's still here. and still not just in the morning. but it's getting better. THANK GOODNESS! can't wait till my dr's appot next wednesday... question tho. when i went four weeks ago.. they said that they would do some blood work and try to get a heart beat.. but the doctor said that it will prolly be too early. how true is that. i will be eleven weeks when i go. i hear a lot about women hearing the heartbeat at seven weeks and stuff. just was wondering. hope everyone has a wonderful day!


jeni23 - June 19

Hi ladys my doc appont,yesterday went good my offical January 27th,im hoping I start feeling better soon,klc03 they tryed to find the heartbeat with the dopplar for me yesterday and couldnt it was to early and I am 8weeks,so they did an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat just fine..My next appointment I will be 1 day shy of 13weeks.Glad your feeling better,your next appointment theyll be able to hear the heartbeat with the dopplar,good luck.


cyndilea1973 - June 19

Hello Ladies..I just got back from my appt, just a routine phys exam. They tried to find hb with doppler and couldn't. He only tried for maybe a minute and said that not to worry that it is hard to find this early (I am 10 wks tomorrow). I wasn't too worried as we heard the hb 2 weeks ago with the wand u/s and the hr was 130 then and blob looked great! I have to go to high risk for a scan (because I am 35), should be next week. Also found out I was postive for the cystic fibrosis gene (had a couisn that had it), have to have hubby tested for the gene. I am trying not to worry too much about this until we get his testing done. My m/s is subsiding some, I am more hungry now than a couple weeks ago, still get touches of nausea here and there. Hope everyone else is doing well. Jeni--Awesone about your appt. KLC--You should be able to get the hr by the u/s, if they do a doppler, you might not get to hear it Hopefully they will do an u/s for you so you can have peace of mind! Must get bacl to work. Take Care +++Cyndi+++


klc03 - June 19

thanks jen! i appreciate it. i sure hope so. i've been looking forward to it so much! i'm glad everything went well with your appointment!! -kristan


mcbee - June 19

Hello, ladies! Glad everyone is starting to feel better these days. I am so excited because today I wore maternity pants for the first time!!! Yaaay! Honestly, my normal pants still fit, but they've just gotten really snug, and I'm not a fan of being uncomfortable. Also, I'm almost at 12 weeks (on Saturday). Just a little bit longer and I'll be moving to the second trimester board!!!


E586467 - June 19

Hi ladies I posted in the other thread then noticed that a new one had been made. Wow I have some catching up to do. I have had VERY bad morning sickness so have not posted in a while but had been posting in the 'new year babies' but I will still fill everyone in here. I am 11wks today going by my lmp & am having a good day regarding morning sickness. I have a 3yr dd & a 1yr ds so this will be #3. I had very bad m/s with ds til 20wks, but things are looking up this time as I am feeling less sick & starting to feel VERY hungry, though it is mainly for fruit & salad as greasy things make me yak. Anyway hope to post more frequently now that I'm feeling better & am glad to hear that everyone is starting to feel better too.


mayalene - June 19

i saw my baby's heatbeat at 7 weeks. technically you can see heartbeat at 5 weeks


baby2jan13 - June 20

klc03, as far as the heartbeat goes, I had my last docs appointment at 9 weeks. He tried to get a heartbeat but said it's just too early, but next appt (I'll be 14 weeks then) we will definitely get one. So I am not surprised at all...All I've gotten is seeing rhe heartbeat through ultrasound.


Kimmer23 - June 20

Hey girls! I went to my u/s today, so I wanted to give you all a quick update. All is well! The baby measured exactly 10 wks., and her/his little heart was beating 179bpm. yay!! I feel way better now :) My dh is really cute at the u/s too - it's so cool! How is everyone else? By the way, my doctor said you can't hear the little heartbeat on doppler until at least 10 wks. (and not always then). So, cyndi, try not to worry. I'm sure all is well. But, I would ask for an u/s if you are worried at all. I hope everyone starts feeling better as we get closer to the end of the first trimester.


austynsmommy - June 20

I will be 13 weeks when I go again. I cant wait. I hope I can hear the heart beat. I am doing oki. I just hate my husbands stupid work schedule. He works 12 hour days 5 days a week. We are planning on moving closer to family. I miss my family so much. I havent seen them in over a month. Have a great day ladies.


cyndilea1973 - June 20

Kimmer--YAY on the wonderful u/s! Mcbee--SO cute about wearing the comfy maternity pants! I started wearing mine a couple weeks ago, also out of comfort. I wore my regular jeans today and MAN do I regret it LOL. I wasn't too worried about not picking up the hb with the doppler, I have known other women who had their doc try this before 10 weeks and spent like 30 minutes looking for it and no success, so I really didn't expect him to find it in under 1 minute! I can wait until my u/s July 1st to see little peanut and hear the hb, I would have liked an u/s yesterday, but can wait another week and a couple days. My hubby goes June 30 for his bloodtests for Cystic Fibrosis, so we'll find out those results mid-July. I am not going to worry until we get the results. Hope everyone else is hanging in there with the m/s..mine is getting weaker everyday! YAY! though I still get a little bit of it after I eat. Won't be long and we will be moving over to the 2nd tri exciting! Have a great weekend ladies! +++Cyndi+++


mcbee - June 20

I'm so glad that everyone on this thread is supportive and NICE. Not so much on other threads. I guess it's just that January moms are the greatest! I wonder if I'm having hormone issues... hmmmm... could be, I suppose.


mcbee - June 21

Seriously, make me stop. I am arguing with two women on another thread. What is my issue. I am so completely not a confrontational person. In fact, I am a really nice person who wants everybody to be happy. Is this hormone thing going to last until January?!?! Anyway, on a brighter note, I"M 12 WEEKS TODAY!!! Yay!


austynsmommy - June 21

Good morning ladies. I am also very emotional lately. A friend of mine had a baby may 26 and he had to have heart surgery and when they were taking him of the machines he had a heart attack. He has been on life support for a week now and they are going to take him off it today. I just feel so bad for her. This is her first. I will stop writing now. Have a great day everyone.


mcbee - June 21

austynsmommy, I am so sorry to hear that. Here I am being a big baby about some stupid argument on another thread. One of my nieces was born with heart problems and had to have open heart surgery when she was only 3 days old. It's so tough to see someone so helpless going through something so hard. Your friend and her little one are in my thoughts. Keep your chin up.


epigg - June 21

Kimmer23, Yay on the great u/s. I have an u/s on Tues. I will be ten weeks then. I can't wait! I am still quite sick everyday, but hanging in there. The other night, apparently I didn't get the bathroom door latched and my poor baby girl walkd in when I was throwing up. She is still talking about it! Out of the blue she'll say, "Mommy got sick." I felt terrible. She is only two, and has never seen me sick before. Anyway, glad all is well with everyone. Austynsmommy, so sorry about your friend. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my sister's brother in-law and wife lost a baby at full term due to a blood clot that she pa__sed to the baby. It was a terrible thing to see them go through. On a brighter note, they do have a healthy one year old little girl now!



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