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Ana - April 15

Is it tru when u are preg. u r forgetful? Cause I must say, me being a person that remembers "too many" details, has been misplacing and forgetting! Is it jus coincedence or is this true in pregnancy? Is this wives tale or science?


Brooke Crow - April 15

I'm not sure ... but I find it ironic to come online and see this immediate question ... just ten minutes ago, I opened my cabinet with leftover containers and diligently poured my beans into one and sealed the lid. Then I put my meat into another and sealed the lid. Then I carried the dirty pans to the frig and placed the leftovers back into the cabinet. Turned off the kitchen light and walked away as if it was all just perfectly normal. Thank goodness my 14 yr old daughter was watching me do this. She just stood there speechless. I asked her what was the matter ... and she calmly walked to the frig door and pulled it open to reveal the crusty, yucky pots/pans in there next to the milk. I HAVE LOST MY MIND!!!!!!!!!


Ana - April 15

Well Brooke...that is a funny one. Reminds me of how I almost threw my clothes in the garbage can(rather than the hamper) & I searched two days for my cellular phone charger and it took someone 3 minutes to find when I asked them to search for me....I really wonder if there is a science behind this....keep this post posted, and enjoy!


Nadine - April 15

I was wondering the same thing. I am certainly more forgetul tha nusual.


Heidi - April 15

I think it has to do with the whole idea of being pregnant and some people get stressed and some are in 7th heaven. I was super stressed when I found out and I was so forgetful and misplaced everything. I got clumsy too. LOL! After a few weeks it all sort of set in and I was okay after that and regained my composure!


nhb - April 15

I'm DEFINITELY more forgetful during pregnancy. I'm rather clumsy usually (constantly hitting my head on things!), but I'm SO forgetful when I'm pregnant, it's absurd . . . But I don't have the best memory anyway, although I usually do at least mediocre. I'm forgetting stuff left and right nowadays though.


Kelly K - April 15

I've determined that all of your brain cells are sucked out of your head and given to the baby. It took me 2 days to find my calculator on my desk and it was sitting right in front of me. I even accused my boss of taking it!



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