Bed Rest Amp Spouse How To Get Them To See The Importance

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jen327 - January 30

I had a SubChorionic Hematoma and was on bed rest last week. I went for an u/s and the clot is the same size and maybe a little bigger, and they want me on bed rest for another 2 weeks at least. My DH has always been supportive and has been a trooper, but I dont think he understands the importance of bed rest. How can I help him understand? I am also afriad he might become resentful. He is normally not like that, but you never know how stress like this will impact a relationship. I know it must be frustrating to have me laying in bed doing nothing while he does everything. But there is nothing I can do. Please offer advice if you can. Thanks


gaudior - January 30

Jen, you're not doing nothing... you're growing and protecting his child. I know somewhat how you must be feeling because I had a severe back injury a while ago and could do nothing but lie down for weeks. DH was supportive at first, then got less willing and more annoyed about having to do everything. I would tell him that you feel terrible that you can't help out, how much you appreciate all he's doing, and how you hope that this problem will be resolved soon so you can move around without endangering the kid, but until then the most important thing is for you to follow doctors orders and keep the kid safe. Be sure to thank him a lot and tell him how you appreciate how supportive he is and respect what a great father he is already.


jen327 - January 30

Thank you. I know he is trying. He is doing everyting and is just cranky. Part of the problem is he just got back from Iraq last Sat. He ws only there a few weeks, but everytime he goes he has some PTSD that I notice and it takes a while to get past that. Just cranky and annoyed. He is a great husband, and he wants our baby to be healthy, I just am not used to having people help me like this and it is so hard to lay here and do nothing. I don't "Feel" sick either with is hard because I know in my head I need to lay flat but dont feel bad about walking downstairs and getting lunch or the mail. But I know I can't, just so frustrating.


ROBYN - January 30

Jen if you want to talk more about this email me at grimm_robyn AT bellsouth dot net. I am glad i have you as a bed rest buddy and i dont understand what your husband goes thru when he is away. This has got to be a strain on him i am sure he worries about you. But on the other hand. You need to take careof yourself and right now this is his job to take care of everything. My DH does it and he better not complain. But he doesnt because it goes both ways i have taken care of him before. Its part of marriage for better or worse and sickness and health.. You are not healthy right now and you need is support. I am here for you my bedrest buddy <hUGS>



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