Beer Anyone

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Jbentley - March 9

I crave the flavor of beer once in a while. Tonight I had a couple of O'dules. They claim to be alcohol free but I saw that they have 0.5% alcohol in them after I drank them. Is this safe?


charee - March 10

I wouldnt think so, no. You should be safe!!!


charee - March 10

BTW- I have been craving beer too!!! Fat tire, and my wonderful white russians!!!!! AHH i miss them, Im not an alcoholic, but i love a couple beers or white russians every now and then, especially when we go camping... oh well next year... a little.


Tammy276 - March 10

You shoud be fine, the .5% of alcohol in there isn't going to do any is still considered non-alcoholic because it would take ALOT of beer to have any effect.......a liquor store can legally sell non-alcoholic beer to an underager, even though there is alcohol in it. I love the taste of beer and totally miss it!! Only 3 weeks left for me!!


moescrilla - March 10

I drank it with my first pregnancy. I think a normal beer as %5 (like budlight i think) So 0.5% shouldnt do any harm. I drank Odouls too! Its not the same though as a good ol' Bud - but I'll be allright. I dont crave it like I did last pregnancy, so I really dont even think about it anymore.


Jbentley - March 10

The other one I've been craving is wine. I love white wine with cheese and fruit. I bought some alcohol free wine and it was the NASTIEST thing I had ever tasted! That flavor willl just have to be placed on hold for a while.


Bellas Mom - March 10

You should be fine with the wine too. With my first prenancy I had my first 1/2 gla__s of wine at 11 weeks, and after 20 weeks or so I had like 1/2 gla__s a week, sometimes I didn't have it at all, but I was never scared to have one. There are many countries in Europe that this is the norm. At the end of the pregnancy, it's just wonderful to relax, and the fact that you haven't had any alcohol in such a long time, 2 sips and you are drowsy, and so is your baby!!! lol


kerryv - March 11

it is fine to have a drink every now and then but try and wait until you are in the 2nd trimester and no liquor.


Mega - March 12

As the other posters' have said, that tiny tiny amount in a NA beer isn't going to hurt anything. I had a Warsteiner Non-Alcholic beer myself over the weekend to "celebrate" my b-day, we were at a German restaurant so I couldn't go totally w/out beer. :) So if you crave a beer, go ahead & indulge in O'Douls once in awhile, or what not! Enjoy...


Allisonc79 - March 12

Wouldn't drinking wine give your baby a little buzz? I know it can cause FAS (fetal Alcohol Syndrome), and doctors don't know how little amount can cause it. I just stay away from it, although I do get those beer cravings.


Tammy276 - March 12

drinking a gla__s of wine (red is best during pregnancy), or a beer every once in a while is NOT going to give your child FAS. I have had a few gla__ses during my pregnancy (and did w/ my son as well)...I Just can't wait to sit down, eat a greasy bar burger and chug a beer with it......yummy!


Allisonc79 - March 14

The latest research indicates no level of alcohol is safe actually. They even say to stay away from it if you are trying to conceive. I just think its better to be safe than sorry, call me crazy.


lqtoo - March 14

Funny because my doctor at the fertility clinic TOLD me to go home and have a gla__s of wine after I ovulated in order to relax and de-stress. If drinking had a bad effect on conception, then a WHOLE lot of people in the world would be in pretty big trouble.



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