Bella Bands

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Amandalynn - February 14

Has anyone tried using Bella bands or something like them? I am thinkig of buying them but hate to spend the money if they don't work. There are also some other brands available that cost less. Any info would help. Thanks!


kerryv - February 15

buy them! they are wonderful!!! i have been wearing them since about 12 weeks, they let me wear my regular jeans for a lot longer and now i am 34.5 weeks and they cover the underside of my belly if my shirt doesnt and my ugly belly b___ton:) motherhood maternity has some that are cheaper and there are others, i have 4 and none of them are actual 'bella bands' and i wash them all the time and they still work great.


diem - February 15

I also have one. They are great! Especially when your pants are feeling tight and you want to continue wearing them. I LOVE IT!


jodie - February 15

Hi amanda, I bought 2 bella bands when I first found out I was preg. I am 18 weeks now and I use them everyday. I should probably buy more!! They work awesome and are perfect for layering too!! I have washed them a billion times and they never lose their elasticity!!


jessicaspatherapist - February 15

i bought some belly bands on ebay for $7.99 each...much cheaper than the bella band. and they work great, very stretchy and cute!


Amandalynn - February 15

Thanks ladies! I will definately get a couple!!


squished - February 15

I agree. They are great! I have 2 and am almost 18w pregnant and I use them everyday. And I don't have to go buy maternity pants yet. I would definelty get one....or maybe two :)


aliciavr6 - February 16

I would get the Bella Band, I don't like my motherhood one as much, it's too stretchy and only one size fits all, while bella bands have I think 3 sizes. I'm 23w preg and still wearing my normal pants unb___toned everyday with the bella band. I HIGHLY recommend them, def worth the $25 price tag.


aliciavr6 - February 16

Sorry, 4 sizes! I ordered mine from They wrapped it up all nice. :) I think I'm going to go a size bigger and get a new color.



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