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Not sure. - March 20

Hi, this is a silly question this is my 1st pregnancy and i dont know what to expect. Im 9wks and my bellybutton has gone deep inside, when i look at other pregnancy pictures on the net I see women's bellybutton poking right out, will mine be that way or not?


Allie - March 21

I don't know if it's normal or not, as this is also my first pregnancy, but I am 11 weeks tomorrow and my b b___ton also seems like it is a larger hole than it was before - everyone told me I would end up with an outie...


sammy - March 21

My 1st pregnancy too.. I am 7w 3d and havent noticed a change yet to my belly b___ton... its funny, I just a__sumed eventually it would go out. They probably will a little at least once our bellies get growing


Jennifer - March 22

I think it's normal. When I had my first son my belly b___ton was deep too. It will go back to normal after you have your baby. I thought it was odd too. Kind of funny! I wouldn't want my belly b___ton to poke.


Nix - March 23

i was really thin before my first pregnancy and still had a deep belly b___ton, but it never became a full outie. I became wider and wider until my last two months and it just became completely flat. In my last two weeks the center of it sorta rounded outwards, but it didn't stick out. I got a weird star shaped stretchmark above my belly b___ton after my son was born, it's faded alot now. I'm a__suming the same thing will happen with this prenancy (4wks 6days today). That may be all that happens to yours. It looks better than an outie (in my opinion anyway). but preggie outies are always cute too.


mhsti - May 7

this is also my first pregnancy and i am just wondering if it is normal for a belly b___ton to be sore deep down in it.i mean my belly b___ton has always been kinda deep but never sore, is this normal?


mom25 - February 2

Well who knows if yours will stick out or not. If your an inbetweenie like I am originally then it will come out alot. I hate it that its an outie, my husband thinks its cute cause he always touches it but hopefully it won't be like that for long



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