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yumymumy - December 22

this is my 2nd pregnancy, i know it depends alot on body weight and shape too.. im average height and am naturaly average weight. since TTC on clomid so b4 i fell pregnant i was a lil round and has some meat on my bum,belly and legs.... thing is im only 6 weeks and my belly looks like a normal 4 month pregnant womens belly its embaressing.... showing this soon, i dont feel comftable with. with my first son i didnt start to get a belly until i was about 12/14weeks.!!!!!.. am i the only one? i did see 1 website when i searched ''pregnant bellys' and some women were rather big at even 5 wks so that made me feel better.!.. maybe i have twins! lol is anyone the same as me with the showing really early? is it even possible the baby isnt even the size of a grain of rice is it?


mjvdec01 - December 22

When you get pregnant you retain a lot of water. Chances are that is what has happened to you. Don't worry about the size you are, just enjoy that belly, and don't even think twice about what other people may think. I know plenty of women who want so badly to show and don't untilabout 16-20 weeks that would love to be in your situation. This is my second pregnancy and I had to buy maternity clothes at 6 weeks. Now I am 9 weeks today and couldn't care less. Have a great Christmas!


gabbysally - December 24

well, I can feel your pain! I'm average weight and until recently my belly did not stick out! I'm 8 weeks with my first pregnancy, and while my pants still fit, I'm having to unb___ton them at my desk!!! I went into gap maternity and cried, the pants are so horrible! so yes, I'm showing slighly and my stomach feels so huge and full all the time. and we're not having twins, we saw the baby on the ultrasound and the MD a__sured us theres not another one hiding in there ( I thought I was having twins too!!)


sashasmama - December 24

Same here. This would be our second. I started "showing" when I was only 5 weeks, and I looked like a 4 month prego, just like you. Well I'm 11 weeks now and still look the same, a little bigger. It's bloating, the baby is still too small.



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