Benadryl At 7 Weeks

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Jamie - March 16

I broke out in hives and bad angioedema from amoxicillin which i only licked because it fell on my finger while i was giving it to mt daughter. i ended up in the ER and they gave me benadryl. I read all this stuff about cleft palate and i was worried cause at the 7th week is when i took it and thats when clefts form!! any one have any advice? im losing my mind!!! anyone taken benadryl at 7 weeks?? i took about 350mg over a period of 4 days!


Heidi - March 17

Check the internet for a list of safe meds while pregnant. I think Benedryl was on the list as a safe drug as well as Sudafed. Or if you're worried call and ask your doc.


Stacey - March 20

I took benedryl also but at 5 weeks and am nervous too. I emailed the cleft palate foundation and they made me feel better. YOu can try that. you are probably safe.I thought cleft as well as other defects which arise from benedryl occured in the 5th weeks but all calendars are different. Try not to worry; that isn't good for the baby either and don't forgot that a level 2 ultrasound will show you everything - in the baby's face up close. Hope this helps. Stacey


A Brown - March 22

I thought that benedryl was safe to take in pregnancy. It's rated level B by the FDA. Check out the site


Jamie - March 22

Thank you Stacey. I went on this other forum website and a few people said they took benadryl in practically the entire first trimester and their children were fine, but it definately is scary and until i see everything for myself I cant stop worrying. When are you do?


Penny - April 15

I looked up Benedryl Allergy and it is on the unsafe list at , it is actually on the X list.


dandy - April 16

My doctor told me that its ok to take benadryl while pregnant. Ive had a aweful cough all week. I think everything will be ok.


Jen - April 16

Penny, just curious but where did you see category X? Benadryl would never be cla__sified in this category. I looked it up on the same site and it said that it's fine. My doctor also said that it was fine. I have an epi-pen for allergic reactions and he said I should not use it but I should take Benadryl instead if I need to.


Jamie - April 20

Penny, that website says its category B in pregnancy. It just goes on to say that there is suggestive studies that show increased risk of cleft palate and a few other things, but those are were from 1970's and further studies do not show this risk. Im curious as to where you saw the cat X too!


Alexis - April 21

I went to my Dr's appt yesterday and they give you a list of all the meds it's okay to take while pregnant and Benadryl was one of them.


Dawn - June 29

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have taken benadryl a few times in this pregnancy. My doc said it is category B, but at the website mentioned in this forum it is not cla__sified. I did find the category X section. It seems there is A, B, C and X. C and X being the most dangerous. A is fine and most docs don't want you taking a category B in the first trimester. I told my doc that I took it and was told not to take it again, but that it would do no harm to me or the baby.


Crystal - September 10

I have caught an awful cold... I am 13wks. And I took benadryl once. I am worried that it is not safe. Any suggestions?


Jamie - November 4

Hello ladies.. i gave birth to my son oct 7th and everything was perfectly normal! no clefts or anything!! just wanted to let u know i was worried for nothing!



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