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dlove11 - November 27

I turned 22 today and couldn't ask for a better gift..I found out everything is A ok wit my little peanut after going to the ER today with bad cramps i was pretty beta is good, i dont remember the exact number i believe it was 3255 not too sure i just remember that their were 4 numbers and there were some 3's and 5's lol..a week ago it was 205 so she said it more than doubled and that it was great.. my lmp was on 9.27 but my cycles are irregular and i figured i was somewhere around 4 weeks but it was confirmed today that i am 5 weeks and im due july 28th..


princess13 - November 27

congrats!! thats awesome, always a relief to get some info like that. I am due on the 25 july.. i have just gone for another blood test to make sure my hcg levels are rising after 2 miscarriages this year. best of luck :)


Mari26me - November 27

Congrats! I am due July 28th as well! :) I had a HCG test last week and it was around 350 Doc made me come in today for another blood test. She wants to make sure my HCG lvls are doubling. I will get the results tomorrow. I hope I get the same good news as u. BTW, Happy Birthday!


mjvdec01 - November 27

That is great news, congratulations. I am due july 26th.


dlove11 - November 28

thanks ladies!!...Mari26me:: thats awesome we're having babies the same day!! and i hope those numbers have doubled


Mari26me - November 28

Thanx dove11. I am waiting for my doc office to call, I hate the suspence! lol I have had mild cramping, but very little. Not as strong as if it were my period. Also had sharp twinges on and off. I know all these signs are normal. Apparently, it is the ligaments and uterus stretching to make room for the baby. My breats are auper sore, still no morning sickness though.


dlove11 - November 28

Mari26me:: we pretty much have the same symptoms only that my b___st aren't really that sore..i have been getting kind of light headed sometimes though its kind of scary and the only few times that it has happened is while im at work mind you i work in a office sitting down all day ..hope its normal though


princess13 - November 28

dlove, i get lightheaded a few times when i get up suddenly, app thats normal. I also get my results tomorrow mari26, so fingers crossed for the both of us that they are rising nicely. Unfortunately i feel sick all day everyday, but i am not vomiting so yay!!! the past few nights i have had a few light cramps, it seems to be when i am eating red meat, going to try chicken tonight and see if it still happens. I cant stop eating tho...


Mari26me - November 28

Hey guys, my doc's office called and my lvl's r going up nicely. They went from 350 to 1650. I was relieved to hear it, now I just have to get throught the next 7 week.. princess13, I will keep my fingers crossed for you lvl's too. :)


dlove11 - November 28

thats great mari26!!! i hope they keep rising....the funny thing about me light headed episodes is that it seems to happen while im sitting its weird and honestly scares me a little


princess13 - November 29

Yay, my levels are doubling nicely. Just rung the midwife and they went from 4050 to 20900 in a week so doubling every 3 days which is normal. So far so good, Hmm never been light headed while sitting down, mind you most times i am sitting down i am asleep :)



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