Best Pregnancy Books

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Chris23 - May 19

I'll admit it - I'm a nerd. Lol. I read books about everything and being pregnant is one more reason to buy books. Just wondering if anyone has any that they would recommend? I'm reading one now called The Pregnancy Countdown Book and it's pretty good - it's brutally honest and quite funny.


cangirl - May 19

i personally like the book the mother of all pregnancy book . would you recommend the one you are reading now


babybird - May 19

I liked "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" I know everyone reads "What to Expect When You're Expecting" but honestly I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I thought it was terrible.


olivia - May 19

I liked the "your pregnancy week by week" book too. It was my favorite and I am using it again with my second.


Steff - May 19

I'm reading the "pregnancy Bible" it really informative. Also I am reading Jenny McCarthy s Belly Laughs.


JEN - May 19

I loved "your pregnancy week by week," "what to expect..." and the best was "the girlfriend's guide to pregnancy and birth" you will get a good laugh and some brutal honesty. Whatever you decide to read, keep in touch with this site and ENJOY your pregnancy! Congrats!


flower.momma - May 20

"A child is born" is a great book because it has beautiful photos of babies in utero. I am always staring at the photos of the babies who are as far along as mine, and picturing that little thing smimming around in my tummy. I have one that was published in 1960 and pa__sed down from woman to woman in my family, and some of the information is a little scary. For instance, it says that a gla__s of wine a night is fine, but there is a newer version out that is more up to date and has even better photos.


babybird - May 22

flowermomma, I bought the book you suggested and it's wonderful! Thanks for letting us know about this one!


Chris23 - May 23

I would definitely recommend The Pregnancy Countdown Book . It's supposed to be a page-a-day book but I can't help but read ahead. It is really funny and I find myself making DH read certain parts too. I'm not sure if it's the same book that you are talking about flower.momma but I remember that my mom had a pregnancy book full of full color pop-ups of babies in various stages - it amazed me when I was younger. I'd love to find out if she still has it but I guess I'll have to wait until I tell her that I'm pg!


amber508 - May 23

I love the pregnancy week by week book... wasnt too fond of the What to expect when you're expecting


alexandra33 - May 23

I also loved the "Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy". It is hilarious! A refreshing break from anything too actual/factual. For the actual/factual book, I love "Great Expectations., Your All-in-One Resource for Pregnancy and Childbirth" By Sandy and Marcie Jones. It has a week-by-week guide as well as additional sections on everything imaginable from Nutrition, excercise, baby gear, Birth Alternatives Miscarraige, Nondrug approaches etc. Nice illustraitons too.



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