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loonor - July 4

I am about 4 weeks pregnant today. as soon as I missed my first period, I called my doctor. however, they will not see me until 6-8 weeks after my last period. This sounds awfully long to me. Everyone else agrees. Does any one know if this time is appropriate or not? thanks.


RMC - July 4

Loonor - I called my doctor the day after my positive test and got an appointment for the next week, when I was 5 wks and 1 day. I'm very surprised that the doctor won't see you right away to at least confirm the pregnancy. Maybe you might want to find another doctor.


loonor - July 4

RMC- my doctor is VERY well known in my area and very respected at the hospital in Baltimore. For those reasons, I trust him. Not only that, but I have been to him since I was 19 (I'm now 29) and really don't want to have to find someone new. But it just seems that they should at least confirm it. I am guess that I should call around. They started me on vitamins right away, but no appt. until 7/19 to at least confirm. thanks for the reply.


RMC - July 4

No problem. I guess I just thought that they would at least want to confirm you and give you a due date, stuff like that. But I guess every doctor is different.


Gena - July 4

My dr. did the same thing. I know a lot of doctors who do it that way so I wouldn't worry. Don't worry though, it killed me waiting that long as well. If you're not already taking vitamins you could go get some over the counter until your first apt. Good Luck


Lala - July 5

You can always ask the nurse at the office to give you an order for the blood test. You don't need to see that doctor for that (or get a bill for asking him for it). You'd be surpised--the standard is not to see the doc until around 10 weeks when the heartbeat can be heard. There is nothing for him/her to do until then. Best to you and your little one!


Beth1 - July 5

My OB will also not see me until the eigth to ninth week. I think that is because 1) they want to be able to see a heartbeat and 2) it is a viable pregnancy. You can still ask for a blood test to make sure your levels are going up. However, the urine tests are pretty acurate and as long as you not having complications with bleeding or pain, then you will be able to wait. If you have any symptoms, call the doctor and they will be able to see you. Good Luck!


Jennifer123 - July 5

I wasn't seen until 7 weeks and I know a lot of people who aren't seen until 10 weeks. It's normal - I wouldn't worry or switch doctors b/c of it.


trinadan - July 5

my doctor doesn't see you until you between 8-10 weeks...


crystal74 - July 5

i called as soon as i was late for a/f, and dr. set 1st appt for july 20th which would be week 6 almost. and i've been having a lot of cramps so i wish she would see me sooner to make sure everything is okay.


rns91294 - July 5

My Dr said 6-8 weeks as well. I will be 6 1/2 weeks when I go (next week). I just want the blood test and to check my levels, and then will go back in a few weeks for the heartbeat. Crystal, if your cramps are bad, call the Dr. They will get you in sooner. Mine told me if there are any problems to call and they would fit me right in.



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