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Valerie - February 17

I was upset when I posted and I entered it wrong. This is Valerie, who had the disappointing ultrasound yesterday. I go in the hospital tomorrow for a D&E. This is my 4th m/c, I had one ectopic, but by the grace of God, I have 2 beautiful girls. Ekay, because of my past losses, the dr ordered another u/s. I normally miscarry just around 8 weeks. Anyway, I just turned 41, so this was it for us. We will go on to adopt most likely. If I was younger, I'd try again. To anyone who miscarries, keep trying. The emotional pain (for me), is worth what might happen..a baby. Keep the faith and keep trying. God's plans are perfect. Who knows...He might already have a baby born somewhere on earth for us to adopt. Thanks for all your support. Enjoy your pregnancies..every day of it. Ekay, you'll be fine :)


citrouille - February 17

Valerie, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know that having a m/c is difficult because I've been there. Please come on and keep in touch with us, we'd be glad to know how are are doing! I do believe that adoption is a wonderful idea! You could bring so much love and care to a child who really needs it. I'm praying for you and here for you whenever you need to talk/cry etc. Sending tons of hugs your way


Beth - February 17

Valerie, I am EXTEMELY sorry to hear of your loss. I myself have never gone through the pain, but just to imagine it is devistating, so I can only imagine :0(, I do have a friend who has had 4 miscarriges and who is pregnant again, I am praying that things go well for her this time, it will be her first. I wish you and your family nothing but the best in what is to come and what you decide to do. We are always here for you to talk to . God Bless.


ekay - February 17

Upset yesterday and understandably so. I was afraid it was you that had posted. I had no idea of your previous losses and I am so sorry to hear about them. I think it is awesome that you guys are willing to open your hearts and your home to a child in need of love. Maybe you are right, there has already been a baby born for you to adopt....maybe that is God's plan for you. Thank you for all the support you have given me personally and I wish you more than the best of luck in the future. Don't be a stranger and keep us posted of your future journey's.


Lucky1 - February 17

Valerie, I m terribly sorry to hear of your loss . I know 2 people that had stillborns(one at 7months and one was full term), It was devistating to them but none of them lost faith. They both went on to have healthy children. Just know that life throws many unexpected things our way but it's our ability to persevere that makes us who we are. No matter how bad it may seem at the moment, things will ALWAYS get better, and work out for the best. I am so glad that you are optimistic and that your faith in God has been unchanged by this event. I think adoption is such a beautiful thing. God works through people and like you said, there's probably a child out there waiting for you.What a blessing! Take care Valerie, I hope to hear from you again... We are all here for you!



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