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wannababyboy - May 16

Hey girls I have been reading off and on in this forum for a little while and I just got the best news today my BFP, I am so excited!! My doc called me at work to give me the exciting. Does anyone know a good site where I can read about HCG levels?


singlem0m - May 16

Congrats! Thats wonderful news. Here's a good link for you


Chris23 - May 17

Congrats on your BFP!


tas - May 17

congrats on your bfp how far along are you. i am 5 weeks.


snugglybugglys - May 17



melanie-s - May 17

that's great. I just got my bfp on Saturday. I had my hcg levels checked on monday and they said it was 86 and that I am very early. I had the test done again today and I will get the results tomorrow so hopefully everything will be okay. I thought I was 5 wks, but according to the hcg levels I'm not even that yet. I'm hoping everything will go well I just had a m/c in Feb and I'm dying to have a baby.


wannababyboy - May 17

Well my doctor told me that my HCG levels were at 139, so he says its only a couple of weeks. I have to go in again on Monday to get the blood test again b/c I also m/c in march and he wants to make sure all is going smoothly, I also am dying to have a baby...As for my screen name I could care less what s_x I just want a healthy happy baby!!! Good Luck to all you as well


fara - May 18

Congratulations! Hope all goes well 4 u!


melanie-s - May 18

well my test came back today now it's at 191 and my progestrian level is at 17.5. I have no idea what that means, but the nurse said it was good. I just wish I knew how far along I was. I'm so excited and so scared at the same time. I really don't want to lose this one and now I went back a week so that kind of sucked. Good luck wannababyboy.


wannababyboy - May 18

Melanie-s, thats awsome I am so happy that everything is going smoothly for you. Can't your doctor tell you how far along you are by now? I am going to see mine next week and he told me that we would retest the blood and he could tell me exactly how far I am. I too am a little scared b/c of the recent m/c but don't stress yourself out everything will be fine!!!!


melanie-s - May 23

sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I think most dr just go by people having 28 day cycles so in my case mine is like 35 to 40 days. I'm going in on Thurs and hopefully I'll find out something good then.



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