BFP When Do I Go See The DOCTOR

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patty - October 5

JUST got my bfp ! yippie-when do i go see my doctor-what are next several appointments with the dr like.? and how are they spaced out ?(time frame seperating 1st appointment to the next) what tests are performed ? etc.


zo - October 5

wats bfp?


Julia - October 5

Congratulations Patty! Woohoo! I called my Dr the same day and she got me in 9 days later. So I was exactly 5 weeks when I saw her. After my exam I went to the lab for urine and blood tests, they took 5 tubes of blood. She said to come back in a month to see her and haven't heard when I see the OB yet.


? - October 5



zo - October 5

o yer duh!!


bean - October 5

Congrats patty! I'm sure if you called your dct she'd tell you when to come in. Most dct's won't see you until you're at least 8 weeks. Until then, you see a nurse who just takes a ton of blood and confirms the pg. I know it seems like a really long wait, but there's nothing they can do or even tell you except take a prenatal vitamin (you can get over the counter) and take care of yourself. At your first appt (I had mine at 7wks), they'll take a ton of blood, ask you a bunch of health history Q's, and give you a regular gyno exam (feel the uterus and see if it's enlarged and give you a pap). After that you'll see the dct every 4 weeks until your last month or so. You won't get an u/s unless there's a concern. You also can't hear the heartbeat until at least 10 weeks. I'm going in for my second appt tomorrow... so don't know what the second one is like yet. Good luck!!!


Lacy - October 5

depends on your today. I went to mine the day after i found out, and she sent me for an US and bloodwork right away. The US was to determine how far along i was. they will schedule you an appt. every month, usually. At almost every visit they will check your urine, blood pressure, weight(to make sure you are gaining at a good pace throughout preg.) and maybe even let you try to hear the heartbeat...



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