BFP But Scared Amp Worried

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1stTimeMum - May 6

Hi I just found out that I am pregnant today be about 5 weeks and going to be a mum for the first time. And I have some questions. A few weeks I have a brown discharge and a few days later I have sharp pains on both side where the ovaries are and cramping is that normal? Also I have been having a sharp pain near where my ribs are is this normal? Sorry I never been pregnant before and just worried I have a appointment with my doctor next week. Also my symptoms are really sore BBS, headaches, nausea, frequently going to the loo, tiredness. Also I been having mild period like cramping as well. Normal? Any tips and suggestion will be a great help. Thanks


1stTimeMum - May 6

I meant a few weeks ago. Lol.


1stTimeMum - May 6

Also I meant to add constipation and ga__sy. Also my BBS feel like they are on fire is that ok?


joeby321 - May 6

Hi 1st timer.. don't worry pretty much everything you are describing is completely normal!! Going to the bathroom constantly, mild headaches and cramping and being tired are all very common symptoms in your first trimester of pregnancy. Just be sure to listen to your body and get plenty of rest when needed and drink plenty of fluids. Also with your headaches (believe me I have been suffering from severe ones) trying snacking throughout the day that sometimes helps and if you can try and take a nap when you feel run down. The sharp pains are normal as long as they are not so severe that you can't breathe or move.. that is just your body adjusting and growing with your uterus. The brownish discharge is normal and the burning, sore BBS are definately normal, unpleasant but normal. Try not to worry and relax and enjoy this great gift. Congrats!!!!! and let us know if you need any other advice =)


1stTimeMum - May 6

Thanks for that. I certainly will. I told my parents mum was happy and dad well he isn't very happy as I am his only daughter. Lol.


joeby321 - May 6

He will get used to the idea and be happy.. he just needs time to adjust to the fact that his precious baby is going to have one of her own!!! =)


1stTimeMum - May 7

Lol. Yeah he is ok now. I had some shoulder pain today pulled a muscle somehow. Just curious about something I'm still feel tired, hungry, a little constipated, back is killing me and nausea is there too, going to the loo less frequently but my BBS aren't sore that much anymore only when I'm walking or I touch them. Is this normal? Also done another test this morning and it was still positive and dark which is good because I still can't believe it. Lol.


mjvdec01 - May 7

Everything you are experiencing is normal. Congratulations!!


joeby321 - May 7

Hello,, yes it is normal for symptoms to get a little less with time, even by 1 week. I have been suffering from really severe pains in my head and there are days when I can't even move and get out of bed, then there are days like today, when I feel good enough to go out and enjoy the sunlight- the pain is still there just not as severe. Every week should get easier for you, enjoy the extra sleep while you can, by the end of the year you will have a newborn!


1stTimeMum - May 9

Hi I went to the hospital because I have been experiencing bad shoulder pains and pelvic pain and the doctor said this was normal for first time mothers and early pregnancy he felt my stomach and said if I had any tenderness I said no and he said I be fine. Should I still worry or is this normal?


1stTimeMum - May 13

Hi everyone had a couple of scares so far bad shoulder pain and some bleeding but went to have a ultrasound today and saw my baby on screen and the heartbeat flicker it was so cool I am exactly 6 weeks today an due 6th January I am now gonna take it easy I think. Lol.



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