Bicornuate Uterus

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Jamie - November 20

I am wondering if anyone has a bicornuate uterus and pregnant now? I have known for awhile that I have had one. I had a miscarriage in May, I wasn't that far along but now I am 9 wks and scared to death. I went to the doctor and he told me to be prepared to be on bedrest, which I saw that coming, and maybe bedrest in the hospital. I am just so scared to lose this one. Any advice would be great.


AA - November 20

What is a bicornuate uterus?


Kate - November 20

Hi Jamie, I was finally diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus after four miscarriages, my pregnancies ended at 5w, 12w, 6w and 5w. All the doctors kept saying was its nature doing its thing just keep trying. Even though after every d&c I would be back three weeks later for yet another d&c 'cause products of conception were left behind (in one the horns). Finally I went to a high risk proffessor and he said within five minutes what I had. After a simple operation I am now 13 weeks pregnant and starting to get excited. Even though that happened to me, my friend has the same thing and has given birth to three very healthy babies, so unless your Dr is concerned you try and relax. My thoughts are with you.


Jamie - November 21

AA- A bicornuate uterus is when your uterus has what is called two horns and a split down the middle. The explination I got...girls who are "normal" have a pear shaped uterus, I have a heart. It makes it hard to carry babies and I have been told that I will have to miscarry a few times to make it strong enough to carry. I am going to a high risk doctor who seems to be on the up and up of things. They are going to put a st_tch in at 13 wks which he said could help. Kate- Do you have only one kidney? When I was told about this two yrs later I found out that I only had one. The doctor said it plays hand in hand because everything didn't develop. Good luck on your pregnancy and I hope it goes well!


Kate - November 22

Hi Jamie, I have two kidneys and the way the Prof explained it was that its just the uterus not dividing properly, in fact a lot of women have this to a certain degree. I've never heard the explanation of you having to miscarry to make your uterus stronger. Why put you through all that when he can just resect the septum, its such an easy op just like a d&c. Although, my friend never had her septum removed and she's given birth 3 times. All the best I know exactly how you're feeling.


Jamie - November 22

I went to a crazy doctor before the specialist. He told me I would never be able to have kids and that I would have to miscarry if I did get pregnant. Everytime I would go see him he would tell me I needed to think about adoption and go on and sign the papers to get it started. Thank God I don't have to see him again. I will have to look up the septum surgery I have never heard of it.


Kate - November 22

Jamie the operation is called a Septum Resection, usually you have to go on hormones prior to the op for one month to dry up the lining of your uterus so the Dr can see the septum properly and then he just snip snips and hey presto your uterus will spring back the normal shape instead of our heart shape. Good luck.


Cait - December 7

I have a BU that's completely divided, and I delivered my daughter by c-section on November 16th. She was 2 weeks early and the reason they delivered her was because she was breech and I was starting to dialate and they were concerned about a cord prolapse. I had a few complications in the pregancy (a small placenta abruption and started to go into preterm labor at 28 weeks) but we were lucky to be able to have it stopped. She was my first pregnancy. I didn't know I had a BU until my c-section when the doctor discovered it. It explained why the baby was breech with her head in my right side ribs always. She's 3 weeks old today and absolutely gorgeous and healthy as can be. Just thought I'd post a success story. Good luck!


Jamie - December 7

Cait thanks for that! I go to the doctor tomorrow to see about the st_tch and see how the little one is doing.



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