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kay101 - November 18

Just wondering if anyone has had any success with it. I used palmers cocoa butter with my last pregnancy and didn't have much success. It's the number one selling skin care product in several other contries, so I was wondering if it's really as great as the hype says. I've been using it the past few days and my skin does feel really moisturized afterward, but I want to know if it really helps with stretch marks in the long run.


mjvdec01 - November 19

There is a product at Nordstrom that works. If you don't have Nordstrom where you live then go to nordstrom dot com get the number for customer service and get a phone number to one of the stores. Ask for skin care and they will do the transaction for you over the phone and mail it to you free of charge.


Mel Page - November 19

Hay there girl, Bio-Oil DOES work babe, I've been using it since I found out was pg and it's awsome, no stretch marks yet, I'm 25 weeks along. I got the tip from another friend who is now on her second pg. Just remember to rub it on your bbs, whole tummy, and halfway up your back and on your upper thighs. This friend of mine only used it on her tummy and lower back first time round, not the bbs and got streatch marks on her b___bs but nowhere else. So it defo works. Good luck.


angelgabby84 - November 19

BioOil is brilliant! I will be starting to use it now (I am 8 weeks pg) I first used BioOil about 5 years ago when i was 18 because after bad teanage acne i was left with scars and marks on my face. I only used it for about a year continuosly and use it every now again when i get dry skin on my face and my skin is so clear. I have developed one or two pimples since becoming pg but no scars or red marks for me. I will be using it throughout my pg and hopefully it will clear up some of the stretch marks from my previous pregnancy.


kay101 - November 19

I've been rubbing it on my stomach, b___bs, outter sides of my thighs, and like around the top sides of my b___t. Anywhere I got them before really. You can only notice some of the ones I had on my stomach, but I don't want them to get worse. Do you have to use much? I feel like I'm not using enough since I'm so used to having to rub in lotion and see where it's going.


fefer1 - November 19

where do you get this bio oil? I didn't get any stretch marks with my first, but of course, I'm paranoid that they will show up with a vengeance this time. :) I might have to try some!


Mel Page - November 20

Kay - I use enough to be able to ma__sage the areas that i apply it to, dont just rub in on,ma__sage it into your skin girl, it really does work. Fefer1 - you get it at your local pharmacy's and you can even as your doc if u have trouble finding it. I think the BIG secret with this wonderfull product is to start applying it as soon as possible, getting yourself into a routine. It's awsome. I do my whole routine every morning after my morning shower!! Good luck girls!! If you have any other questions please ask?? XxXxX



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