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mc - November 16

I am almost ten weeks. Sunday morning after intercourse I bled. Rested & it stopped. Monday morning I woke up and had blood. No intercourse. Just once and the more I wiped the less it was. A couple hours later it was gone. Now, Tues. I took a nap woke up and there was blood. Wiped and seems to be less. It's been darkish and brown looking. But this is the first time it had a spot of tissue in it. No cramping. Please give me your advice. I've had one m/c and really scared.


tammy - November 16

hi I would call ur doc..I had spotting in my early pregnancy..It has stopped! I told my doc and he said the spotting after incoarse was most likly from my husband hitting my cervex! The brown is just old blood!! I am now 12 weeks.. Good Luck!! keep updated


eyebeeablessing2u - November 17

This is info that i found on I also am 7 weeks PG and experiencing brown discharge today. I know its old blood.. so I am not worried... but will continue to be aware of anything else... 1. Brown Spotting If you experience brown spotting, than rest a__sured that it is most likely old blood. When implantation begins, blood vessels burst, causing bleeding. However, the blood can take longer to reach the v____al opening, so by the time that it does it can be brown, dictating that it is older blood, most likely from earlier implantation. 2. Ligament Stretching From the beginning stages of pregnancy until the last trimester, it is common to get cramps a__sociated with ligaments stretching. Those ligaments are stretching regularly to accommodate your growing uterus. These cramps usually occur on one or both sides of the abdomen. 3. Bright Red Spotting Bright red bleeding is usually an indicator of fresh blood. If you experience bright red spotting, it is important to let your caregiver know. While it doesn´t always dictate a possible complication, bright red spotting does need to be monitored. 4. Light Spotting During early pregnancy, light spotting can be quite normal. As implantation continues, blood vessels can burst, causing light bleeding. If you experience light spotting, be sure to let your caregiver know so that he or she can monitor you appropriately.



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