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em - January 13

I had s_x with my partner last night Im 7 weeks pregnant and started bleeding afterwards is that bad ? and should we stop can someone give me any advice


Becca - January 13

I have had spotting too. I spoke with my nurse and she told me that s_x is safe during pregnancy unless your doctor tells you otherwise, but she told me that s_x would not cause a miscarriage. Try to take it easy for a few days and if it doesn't slow down/stop or gets worse call your doctor or go to the ER. They can do an Ultrasound/check your hormone levels in the ER and give you some rea__surance. Good luck and God Bless!


Beth - January 13

Hi Em I was in the same situation, mine was brown colored blood though so I was told by someone in a forum that it could have been old implantation blood, and have not had any since. Good luck!


sarah - January 14

i had the same problem went to the hospital ( 6 1/2 wks) and had an ultrasound and there was a heart beat!!!! but if you are worried see your dr they would know better then anyone else


De - January 17

I am 7 weeks pregnant I think.. Because when I went to U/S last week, my gyn found the gestational sac not the baby.. But my blood test and hpt are positive. Now I have light brown bleeding, just wiping it off in the tissue. I am really confused whether I am pregnant or not.. My doctor doesnt answer me properly at all. Please anybody answer me. Thanks in advance.


Teresa - January 18

De, that happened to me and I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks. There was a sac no baby, its called a blighted ovum. I wish you the best of luck.!!


De - January 18

Thanks Teresa for ur reply. I am very sorry abt ur miscarriage. I have a ultrasound this thursday, lets see what happens.


Beth - January 18

Hi Teresa, I found out I was pg on Jan 6 and went to the dr on Jan 7. He said I was a very early 5 weeks and he saw an early sac. I do not have another apt until Feb 4 at 9 weeks, but this past Friday I started getting that brown blood too and had it for three days before finally going to the urgent care. The dr there did a visual pelvic exam and said that I did have allot of old blood in there but that it could be from old implantation bleeding, he checked my cervix and said that it is completely shut and that it does not look like there has been any opening, so I take that as a good sign, but naturally I am still nervous and want to know more!!


Julie - January 18

I am almost 11 weeks preg and wanted to share some info. I had bleeding from 5 weeks, first time was after s_x with my husband, then I would seem to bleed every other week. I was having clots and a lot of bright red blood - but everything appeared to be ok with the baby. It just so happened that everytime I would bleed - it would be after a bowel movement (I have been really constipated!). They did an US and the baby is looking good - strong heartbeat. I still have brown discharge here and there, but the Dr said I might just be a bleeder. While you should always go and see the Dr for any bleeding - just know it is more common that the Dr tell us...go and see an OB/GYN for sure!!!


Becca - January 20

Julie, I have noticed that is when I bleed as well! I have had to strain (TMI) and then I notice pinkish spotting or bright red spotting with SMALL clots. (I mean the size of a grain of salt.) Then 15 minutes later nothing. Glad to hear I'm not alone and it makes me feel a bit more at ease. God Bless!


Leeny - January 20

I've been bleeding for a week--consistent but not that heavy. I'm worried because my dr said that I have low amniotic fluid (I'm 9 weeks) and have a heightened chance for miscarriages. Has anyone had that problem early in their pregnancy? Thanks.


Nicky - January 20

I am 11 weeks, and this happened to me about a month ago. The doctor said it was okay, but if you are having intense or multiple orgasms you may want to cut back some, it causes your uterus to contract and bleed (not good).



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