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imamommy - January 17

Hey all. I am so discouraged. I bled heavily last night when I went to the rr to urinate. It was like I was starting my period. I had no cramps and it only happened that one time. I called my doctor and he said to relax and come to see him Friday. (Friday is my first apt.) He said that if it was a miscarriage, there is nothing I could do to prevent it. He said that he has seen women bleed and go on to have healthy pregnancies. Please offer a little comfort or advice. I am so depressed that this pregnancy has ended.


jeannie123 - January 17

Hi imamommy, I would just follow your doctor's advice to relax, especially if it was just this one time... keep us updated, but try not to worry.


ROBYN - January 17

imamommy - I hope that maybe I can try an ease your mind (a little) I had the same thing happen on New Years around 1130pm at work I went to the bathroom there was alot of blood I started freaking out I went to the hospital (they were worthless) they located the heartbeat we went thru IVF so immediately a few hours after going to the hospital we met with our RE who did an U/S told us the baby is fine I have a subchorionic hematoma and I will have to bleed it out. Its just like a period but there is cramping. I am now on bedrest and not working. It comes its spurts it will stop for a few days and then today started again. They say in 95% of the cases it reabsorbs itself and bleeds out. So also as long as there is no tissue and clotting you are probably ok. How far along are you? I am 9 weeks. I have been going for u/s everyweek sometimes 2 times a week. I go again tomorrow. It hasnt gotten any smaller but as long as the baby is fine I will live with the bedrest. So I dont know if thats your case but I wanted to give a little more insight on that. Remember if anything is brown blood its "old" and thats good too. Keep us posted good luck to you.


jessicaspatherapist - January 17

i've been bleeding on and off (red blood) since about 7 weeks and i'm now doc seems to think i'm fine. i've heard my baby's heartbeat and seen him/her on the ultrasound, so i know they are alive and well. it is very discouraging to see blood however it could be from a number of things, like s_x or a broken blood vessel from straining to go to the bathroom. relaxing is great advice from your doc......hope everything is okay for you!


TamaraAngel - January 17

Well luckily you didn't have cramping, and the bleeding has stopped. Good signs! I had one-time bleeding at 6w and now i'm almost at 15w and the baby looks great. Some women bleed thru-out their pregnancy, some bleed after s_x or a BM... or bleeding could be from hemorroids even. Good luck and keep us posted! :o)


imamommy - January 18

Thanks to all of you for your response. I am 7 weeks today. I haven't bled anymore. Maybe everything is ok. I have be relaxing ALOT. My husband and I are so excited about this baby. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I'll keep you posted on what is going on. Thanks again.


imamommy - January 19

UPDATE EVERYONE.........I went to the doctor today for my first apt. I am so relieved. I am still pregnant. 7 weeks 2 days. The baby's heart rate was 144 BPM. I am so happy. Thank you all for the encouraging words. He said our chances for a miscarriage dropped to 3% now that we have seen the heart.


ROBYN - January 19

Oh thats absolutely wonderful news I am so happy for you take it easy. When is your next appt. We went for another u/s yesterday I am 10 weeks the heartbeat was 179 and we saw the little peanut moving all over the place it was incredible little arm/leg buds just moving around. Obviously way too early to feel anything but when I do I think I am in for it. Anyway congrats again its a great relief.



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