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himani - July 22

is it normal to have bleeding with tissue in the sixth week?


stephanie - July 18

If you are experiencing bleeding with soft tissue or clotting that usually not normal. If its just light blood or brown blood than sometimes thats normal. You should bring some blood with tissue to your doctor so thay can test it.


Shannon - July 19

Sometimes they tell you its ok but if there is any cramping or discomfort that is not good. However me myself I would go right to the hospital why weight? But on the positve side I have a relative who bled through both her pregnancys in the first trimesters so you never know, good luck.


Nova - July 19

I am slightly bleeding aswell, Its only when i wipe(sorry for details) and its light blood but comes and go's, i am absolutly going out of my mind with worry! i am just over 10 weeks, i havn't had any cramping but just sort of bubbly in the tummy like gas pains, but i have my U/S next Friday so i am hanging in till then, but i am soo scared!none of the books tell you this is normal but i hear it can be???? so worried =-(


stacyann36 - July 22

I dont want to scare any of you, but you must follow your mind when you think something is wrong..Do not allow the docs to tell you thinks are ok, or normal, espically without them seeing you..I just had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, that occured less than 2 weeks ago..I had brown spotting, then red blood ONLY when i wiped at the use of the restroom..I had a backache and felt like i had the flu..I had no cramps and pa__sed nothing..I knew I had miscarried by these feelings, but when i called the nurse, she gave me hope and said it could be normal...4 days later i insisted they find out something, and i had lost the baby in the first few weeks after conception..I know they could not of stopped it, but_t would of been nice to of known that i had lost it instead of them giving me hope until they wanted to see me..Ladies, please listen to your bodies and when something isnt right, get it checked out and dont stop until you feel good about the answers....I wish i would of insisted more, the waiting game was horrible, even though i knew i had miscarried.i would not wait on an ultrasound, but insist for your hcg levels to be checked...thats when a new doc i went to confirmed i had miscarried and at what point in the pregnancy...good luck to you all....



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