Bleeding After Sex

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LG - May 1

I am 8 weeks and my husband and I had s_x yesterday and immediately afterwards I started to bleed. It was bright red and pink. It only occurred for an hour and has since stopped. While we were having s_x it did hurt a bit on my right side. But I've read that it is ok to have s_x during pregnancy. I'm really confused as to whats going on and if we might have done something to cause this. I dont have any cramping at all, just lower back pain, but I have had that throughout my pregnancy thus far. I had a misscarriage back in October so I am very nervous its occuring again. I refused to have s_x until the 12th week and yesterday was the first time we had s_x since we found out we were pregnant. Does anyone have any advice or experienced this before? Thanks for your help I'm looking for anyone who can help.


jckc - May 1

Hey mama I spot everytime I have a orgasm it took me 2 times to figure that out and have not had s_x ever since but tommorrow I got my docs appt and I will ask wats the deal cuz just like u that makes me a nervouse wreck I am 8 weeks preganant I promise I will keep u posted 2mmorrow wish me luck


lg - May 1

its so rea__suring to hear someone else has experienced this. I hope your appt goes well. I might be going to the Dr. tomorrow as well, it depends on what she wants to do. thanks for responding


jckc - May 2

Hey mama I got back 4rm the doc things are good when a woman bleeds aftet s_x its caused by a little small pimple that's right under the cervix and it gets sensitive while pregnant so when u touch it in any way it causes it to spot so just go see ur doc and don't stress just wait to the 12 wk to have s_x only missionary position and try not to go that deep keep it 2 to 1 time a week is wat my dox recommended I hope it makes u feel better


lg - May 2

thanks so much!! i dont think i will be having s_x anytime soon. Haaa... I go to my Dr. tomorrow and am getting an u/s so I will keep you up to date. Thanks again! Glad all is ok with you as well.


LG - May 3

just wanted to let you know everything looked great at my ultrasound and we saw the babys heartbeat. Thanks for you feeback.



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