Bleeding At 4 Weeks Preg With Pain 3rd Preg

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old timer - May 4

hi found out i was preg then a week later i started to bleed it soaked a panty liner, i had stomach pains which i have had a while so i went to the hospital, they did swob test, internel, and blood test to check my hcg levels they were 4100 dont no what there ment to be, any way stayed in bed went back 48 hours later for a repeat hcg test it had gone up to 8400 so they booked me for a scan the day after it showed the sac and york but to early to detect anything else, so have to go back in two week eveything was in the right place, the thing is i am scared that if i do nomal things like walking playing with the kid ect i will start to bleed again and i am scared of mc, i have two kids didnt have any problems with them but it was 9 years ago since my last, child, and am in my 30s thanks for reading


Kristin72 - May 4

Doubling HCG is definitely a good sign...bleeding can be a cause for concern..but the most important thing for you to do is to take it easy regardless...get as much rest as you can while you are still spotting heavily. Ask your gp for an additional HCG test..possibly have your progestrone checked. request an additional ultrasound around the late 6 week mark if possible (like they suggested.) If you begin to saturate another pad I would go to emergency. You just want to make sure things are viable and hopefully you will be able to see is a heart beat. Walking and playing with your child is not going to increase or decrease the likelihood of miscarriage usually this is a chromosonal problem..But I would still, and drink lots of water..the water will help with bloodflow and oxygen to the placenta. I too had spotting at 6 weeks..and again at 9 weeks..both times.. several days in a row of spotting. I though for sure my pregnancy was doomed. Here I am in my 12th week and just had an ultrasound and heard the heartbeat and saw the little one's limbs moving. I really hope you will be ok..but it is best you get results from your doctor to rule anything out. Good Luck to you Kristin


old timer - May 4

kristin thanks for your reply, am glad all's ok with your baby is it your first baby, its great to see them on the scan for the first time and se the kicking around good luck and take care ill let you no how i get on thanks


Saird - May 5

I had that with my last pregnancy- at about the same time. Bright red blood. It didn't last long, but I was convinced it was over. I was fine though and the baby was fine.



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