Bleeding At 9 Weeks HELP

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kris313 - February 2

I'm 9w5d pregnant. Last week I had blood when I wiped for three days, it varied between pink to bright red. Monday I had an ultrasound, baby was perfect size and heartbeat was 170. Tuesday I started bleeding again, this time it was a bit more and all bright red. Went to the emergency room and they told me I'm going to miscarry, its just a matter of time. The heartbeat was still normal and my hcg was 75,000, so how can they say for sure I'll miscarry? Anyone had something like this? Is it possible to bleed this much and carry to term? I'm very scared and my husband is completely disraught, so any advice will be appreaciated!


Carla - February 2

I would get to your doctor asap, How can they tell you you are going to miscarry if there is still a heart beat??? I would get to your doctor or call or something...good luck to you


katt76 - February 2

Kris 313. Do not listen to them! I have been bleeding for over a week, and my cervix is still closed baby still strong and levels still rising. people bleed in pregnancy. It could be suchorionic bleeding. Which is never usually worrisome. I know people who bled for four months while they were prego. Sounds like your baby is fine. Just get alot of rest and try not to stress. You have only three more weeks until you are in your second trimester. You will be fine!!! Keep in touch and good luck. By the way, I am seven weeks and baby's heart beat is 115. And they said my baby had strong heart beat sounds like your little peanut has an even stronger heart! You will be fine!


Leilani14 - February 2

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I spoted a week ago and I was out of my mind. As long your baby seams to be fine I would say there is still a good chance that dispite bleeding everithing will be fine. There are a lot of women that blled through their pregnancy. Take care.


kris313 - February 8

Thanks for the support ladies! The bleeding stopped that night. I started spotting again, but much less this time, on Sunday (the 5th) night and it stopped Monday. My doctor said he doesn't need to see me before my appointment on the 17th unless something changes because basically there's nothing that can be done. All my symptoms are still there and actually the morning sickness is getting worse. My poor husband is still freaking out but I'm trying to stay calm until my appointment on the 17th. Its so hard to enjoy being pregnant and get excited about things when stuff like this happens. I'm afraid to buy anything or even look at baby stuff because I don't want to jinx myself.


Beija Rene - February 8

Kris313, I am in a similar situation. Read: First Trimester - Extremely confused. My advice: Follow your heart and hold on tight. Only time will tell. In the meantime remain hopeful and positive. Good luck!!


haven - February 8

I hope all goes well for you!


NoelleH - February 8

I totally know how you feel! I am pregnant for the first time and while at my friend's baby shower I went to the bathroom and had some brownish stuff coming out. Of course I freaked out! I called the doctor and she rea__sured me but at home I actually started bleeding. I was hysterical and just a__sumed I was having a miscarriage. I went to the hospital and to my surprise I had an ultrasound and the baby was still there, my cervix was closed, and they even saw a little tiny heartbeat. They did say it was a threatened miscarriage (which I still am not quite sure what that means). I was completely traumatized! I had dried blood coming out for the next few days and then that was it. That was 2 Sundays ago (of course these things always happen on Sundays). This last Sunday I had brown spotting which has been very light. My doctor says that is very normal. I have my first OB appt. this Friday and I just can't wait! I never heard of bleeding during pregnancy- normal bleeding I mean. I just discovered this website and I am so excited! I feel so much better!! Oh- my BF had bleeding for a week when she was pregnant with her twins and they are over a year old.


Krista - February 9

my doc says that around 40% of women bleed during pregnancy sometimes as heavy as a period...thats why some women think they continue to have a period during their pregnancy. My friend bled SO bad...even head blood clots...PLUS the doc said that they couldn't find a heartbeat and wanted to do a DNC....she refused for weeks...turns out her baby was fine...she had a healthy baby boy! If your babies heart is still bleeding...I mean, it's just my opinion..but wouldn't that mean the baby is STILL alive?? duh. I think some doc's jump to the m/c solution. I would be PISSED about your doc not seeing you though!! you shouldnt have to wait and worry clear til the 17th! I would ask if you can come in...not for an appt but just for a blood go in and have your HCG tested...then go back in two days and have it done again...if the HCG are dropping then you're probably having a miscarriage but if they go up your and ask if you can at least have that done....if they wont, I'd call another doc office...possibly switch doctors...when I had my miscarriage last year they got me right in for blood should be top priority...they should say.."oh there's nothing we can do anyway" my gosh! yes there can be put on bed rest, progesterone pills, etc...good luck hun! I'll pray for you


kris313 - February 17

Update.....My appointment today went great! Heard the heartbeat and my doc says everything is fine. Still no explanation for the bleeding though. He said once I hit 14 weeks I'm free and clear - miscarriage is only a 1 or 2 % chance at that point.


JuJu - February 17

Kris- I am so glad to hear that all is progressing well for you after reading your inital posting. I must admit - I am amazed that thre hospital staff told you that you were likely to miscarry when you had a strong heartbeat and your u/s looked good! When I was pregant with my daughter (now 16 months) I also started spotting around 9 weeks and it continued for a couple of weeks. I was terrified, however it turned out that it was not life-threatening for my baby. I later found out that first trimester bleeding is often caused by small amounts of bleeding with happen while the placenta is getting comfy with its positioning......they are often referred to as 'subcorionic haematoma', and are generally harmless to a thriving foetus. I remember reading a statistic on an internet article when I first started to spot - and it stated that if a woman is 9 weeks into her pregnancy, and her baby has a strong heartbeat and looks fine on u/s - then the pregnancy has over a 90% chance of progressing to a healthy birth. That's not bad odds given that no woman is ever 100%guaranteed a healthy baby at the end. I had a little more spotting when I was about 20 weeks, but much less than before. It wasn't until I hit my thrid trimester that I was able to relax - despite alll the rea__suring statistics. It's human nature to worry, but really - you have every chance that everything will progress just fine. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!


fefer1 - February 20

I am 11w3 days and just went to the ER for bleeding this weekend. Like JuJu said, it's just the placenta adjusting. Mine is slightly over the cervix and is tearing away and causing a little bleeding. The dr just said to rest, no heavy exercise/lifting, or s_x until my dr gives me the ok. He said it's just fine and most likely will go away shortly. The baby was very active and the heartbeat was 158. So wouldn't worry too much about bleeding but do see a doctor if it's heavy or if you have pain.



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