Bleeding Cramping With Low Rising Hcg Levels

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klmellinger - December 22

I am 4 weeks pregnant and I have had va___al bleeding for 7 days now. When the bleeding started (which if I didnt have a positive test would be my normal cycle time), I had cramps then they went away, but the bleeding continued to be light. Now, 7 days later the bleeding got heavier and cramping started again that is moderately painful. I went to the doc on Tuesday, and again on Thursday to have my levels checked and they were 20 and then 28. They aren't rising like they should the doc said. So my question there anyone who has had the similar symptoms and had a successful pregnancy or even if not, what my possibly be going on?


mustangca__sie - December 27

wow, this is a hard one.. My first pregancy the same thing happened to me. Bleed ing, cramping and slow rising hcg. I'm sorry to say that for 3 months i held out hope and would ask questions on this forum and no one would reply. It was the hardest 3 months of my life. Having blood tests done every 2nd day for 10 weeks. I felt like a pin cushion. My dr said that there was no way, but then we got a h/b on u/s and normal growth but hcg still off. We nearly convinced our dr that we were the 1st one she'd seen that was going to make it and we nearly convinced ourselves. We went for the downsyndrome scan at 13 wks and there was no h/b. the technician said that there was no hope from the start, that the little guy had it's blue print upside down and back to front. It was a problem from conceptiona nd through absolutely nothing I had done. the bad part was that because i was so far along I had to have a d and C and then I wasn't pregnant anymore. The good news was that I could fall pregnant, i could carry a baby, I worked and my husband worked. Until you find out what is happening with you, you need to concentrate on these positive things. I only shared my story because no one did with me and i felt like a leper. No one would touch me. Best of luck and I hope that this is a hurdle for you and you will only get stronger! Best of luck. Ca__s


hope4thebest - February 16

Hi KL, I wish I had some positive news, unfortunately I'm just chiming in because I'm in a similar situation. Tested positive for pregnancy on the 8th of feb, started bleeding and cramping the next day- but i was on birth control and in between packages, so its when my period should have come anyway. But I went into the ER just in case- they took a blood test my hcg came back as 154- ultrasound showed nothing because it was so early (i say 3 weeks, they said 5, but i know date of conception). They sent me home and said to come back every three days. Went back on feb 12th hcg was 256- still going up but not doubling. This is when they told me to expect the bleeding and cramps to get worse. However- the next day bleeding stopped, and cramps were very very mild. hardly there at all. Went in again yesterday- hcg is at 364 still not doubling. At this point they advised it's not a normal pregnancy and I should expect more bleeding and cramps- i started spotting brown, and mild cramps that have been there always.. I have to go in for an ultrasound in the next few days to see if it's tubal. Hopefully they find something! Not knowing is driving me crazy! Let me know what has happened with yours, Good or bad *hugs*


halie - July 1

hi ive been bleeding for 7 days now my hcg levels where 8000 on 25 june then 13000 28th june and 30june 15000 but im still bleeding what does this mean im so confused to why im bleeding and my hcg levels keep rising. on 21st june i did a scan they said my sac was 8mm and on 25june it had grown to 13mm. Am i at threat to a miscarriage can someone help im so scared


mustangca__sie - July 1

Halie, How far along are you? Have tou been on betabase and input your levels into the calculator? I have had 2 m/c and 1 ectopic and my hcg NEVER lied. It never doubled properly even though it got to 32000. one time it went from 19000 to 19600 in 3 days. To be honest, it doesn't sound good. Especially with all the bleeding. google bellybelly. there are lots of super helpful forums and info on there. It has helped me through every time. I'm sorry I dont have good news for you. i send you a telepathic hug and please let me know how you go...


halie - July 2

hey thanks for the post back.... got my test results back from my blood test my hcg levels dropped. from 15000 dwn to 13000. My doctor spoke to me and said that i no longer have a viable pregnancy and that ive had a miscarrige thanks for the telepathic hug :)


mustangca__sie - July 2

Oh dear.... I'm so sorry. At least you know you can fall pregnant. If its any consolation, after my 2 m/c i am preg again and am at 8 weeks... You can try again as soon as you are emotionally ready. Here's another hug... *UUUGGGGHHHHHH!* Best of luck and get onto bellybelly. Its really good... XXXX


halie - July 7

hey u good luck with ur pregnancy... had my doctor call me and tell me i need to go for a scan... my hcg levels went from 15000 to 13200 and now have risen back to 14900 oh im so over this pregancy but ill keep u up to date x


Amars3077 - January 24

Hi halie... I know this is an old post. But what happened did the pregnancy stay viable? I'm going through the same thing you did



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