Bleeding For 5 Days Now

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Anniethemoviegirl - February 15

This is my first trimester so I dont know what to expect. I have been bleeding for 5 days now. I went to the doctor on saturday becuase i was very ill. They said there isn't much to do other wait for your ultrasound on Thursday. On Sunday morning I was bleeding bright red instead of pink. I go back to the doctor and he checks my cervix and it was closed. Then i had blood taken to test my hCG Level. And then he told me to make a doctors appointment for an ultrasound and blood to be taken in two days. So I go back on tuesday. Tell my regular OB doctor everything. So we do a va___al ultrasound and. there isn't a baby. She tells me that I have in fact miscarried because at 8 weeks there should be some sort of fetus in there. So I calm myself down and they send me to lab to see what my hormone is and sending me on my way without the results. they call me an hour later and tell me its important to get back in there ASAP because I might have an ectopic pregnancy and that could be very serious. I have two more ultrasounds and they show no ectopic pregnancy and they measured my uterus and it came out to make me 5 weeks pregnant. So they didn't know if I have miscarried or am in the process of miscarrying or am only in fact 5 weeks pregnant. I went back to the doctor today to test my hCG levels and they are still climbing and on the low end of normal. So on tuesday I have another ultrasound to see if they can see a fetal pole. As anyone else bleed for this long and everything worked out to be ok? I dont think i could handle being terribly disappointed again!


jen327 - February 15

Hi, I wish I could tell you what was wrong but I can't. I can share my story with you and maybe that will offer some peace. I knew exactly how far along I was because we were using the electronic ovulation kit. When I was 6 weeks 5 days I had blood like a period, it lasted about 3 hours. I went straight to the ER. They saw a baby & heartbeat but did not know why I was bleeding. I was on bed rest for 2 days. A month went by and at 11 weeks I again had a gush of bright red blood. I thought for sure this time I was m/c. I went back to the ER. They did another u/s. This time they saw a 2 cm subchorionic hematoma. It is a small clot in placenta by the uterine wall. I have been on bed rest for 4 weeks. They say 90% of the time the clot heals and the baby is born fine. So anyway, my point is that bleeding does happen. It is scary. Some women just bleed when they would have gotten their period. Other times it is the SCH like I have. I know it is hard to wait, it was really hard to wait like I did, I am now 15 weeks 4 days. I have good insurance and so it is only $100 to an ER visit and I went when I bleed to ease my mind. I also went once with brown spotting a week after my first bleed to make sure the baby was still there. I just needed to know. Good Luck!!


ChattyKathy - February 15

I don't know, hun. Sometimes this can happen if you have some sort of growth that is causing your body to create the HCG, like a cyst or something. 3 weeks difference is a pretty big difference and with all the bleeding and no sign of baby the ods really don't look good. I'm sorry. Let us know what the doctors say.


Anniethemoviegirl - February 15

There would be a growth even with seeing a gestational sac and yoke sac?


ChattyKathy - February 15

I must have missed that part. Sorry. In that case, it could be an empty sack causing your HCG to rise or something happened and you aren't as far along as you thought. I don't mean to be such a downer, I'm sorry. If it were bad news I'd hate for you to get your hopes up only to be hurt again. If the doctors can't figure it out then who am I to say anything, right? I hope you find some answers soon.


Anniethemoviegirl - February 17

I miscarried last night. My baby is no more!


Cathy2 - February 17

thinking of words can comfort I'm sure...but love from all of us who know how you must feel : )


sfrog68 - February 17

Annie, so sorry hun that you m/c. No words can help comfort but please know I have been where you are twice and if you need someone to talk to I am here and there are several others that have been there too. Our thoughts are with you.


jen327 - February 17

My thoughts are with you, I am sorry for your loss. Please post if you need to talk.


DownbutnotOUT - February 19

I am so so sorry for your loss and hope you take care



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