Bleeding In 10th Week

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sara - October 2

everything was fine until this week when i had suddenly noticed a reddish bleed, i swiped with toilet paper after i urinated.. really scared me. thought about resting for a day. it stopped then i got brownish tissue .. like when u are finishing your period. its been 5 days now.. on and off i am getting this chocolate color discharge with mionor pain.. called the dr.. they said they can do much until my appt on monday. until then if anything severe go to the emergency. what i would like to know is that should i be thinking on the lines of miscarriage.. with all this brownish stuff.. anyone had this?? please advise... i have been tring to concieve for 3 yrs i have done two home pregnancy tests before the bleed.. were positive, should i do another one.. or not?.


unknown - October 3

Even if you have or are miscarrying HCG levels are still in your system and will still give you a postive on a pregnancy test for several weeks after. Go to the ER tell them your pregnant and bleeding. A simple u/s should beable to tell you and them if the baby is still alive or not. Brown is old blood which can be 'normal' in moderation. Bright RED is the kind of blood they look for in a miscarriage.


Kierra - October 3

Hi, I am 8 weeks with my first and started to bleed this past week. At first it was brown and then had some red in it. I also was pa__sing tissue and had some minor cramping. I went to my doctor and she did an ultrasound. Apparently this happens to lots of women. As long as you do not have red discharge, it's probably just old blood and you won't have anything to worry about. Make sure you take it easy. It is a good idea to rest, keep your feet up, limit stairs, lifting, even vacuuming. Also, try to relax. Stress can make it worse. I know it's easier said than done, but you have to try. Good luck, I wish you the best.


Me too - November 8

Hi, I am 10 wks and 2dys and I am going through the same thing you are right now. First I was told to wait it out but after 1 wk I have phoned and the clinic told me to get my doc to send me for a u/s. I am feeling like you but have had a miscarriage at 10 wks. Did the test thing too and thought that may be reasurring. I go tonight to the docs and I have kept my fingers crossed that everything went fine for you.


Melanie - November 8

Girls... just reading through your posts... I'm 9 weeks, and just started to experience some brown discharge after going to the bathroom, with some skin. I'm not crampy, so I was wondering if this was normal or not. Not sure if I should call the doctor. After reading some of these though, I'm starting to feel like this can be a common occurance. Any more comments, suggestions or information would be helpful. Thanks.


Makaylia - November 8

I am also 8 weeks and I have had the past 2 days really bad cramps and when I pee blood just drips out of me and it's red bright and dark and i have had blood clots after I wipe. I wonder if I'm having a miscarriage? I pray everyone is doing ok.


Me Too - November 9

Hi everyone. I ended up in emergency last night as I had major cramping and lots of bright red blood and pa__sed a big clot. Had a u/s done today and baby is only 6 wks not 10 like we thought. Has a slow heartbeat but that may not mean much. bleeding has almost stopped and go for next u/s in 2 wks. Don't worry too much as they say that implatation is a tramatic event and bleeding may occur.If you are really worried I was told to request an u/s from your doc to help easy the worry.


Makaylia - November 9

Well today is tuesday and i was at the Emergency room all day. I woke up this morning with such bad cramps and blood and clots pouring out of me. I had one big one. They did a u/s and found a sac with nothing else no yoke or anything so I go back friday for more blood test. So I pray for each and everyone of you as this experience sucks!!!


me too - November 11

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I m/c on tuesday night. Must of been due to the low heartrate. I have had wonderful support from my boyfriend and friends. Hope everything work out the best for everyone else. Will be back trying in a month or so.


me too - November 11

Sorry Makaylia. I feel like such a ditz! I send out my sympathies to you on what you have been going through. I know the feeling. Hope everything improves for you!


Melanie J - November 20

Isn't this just the worst thing? I had a m/c in Aug and was devastated, found out I was pregnant again on Nov 5th, then started to bleed again on 17th. Have been for 3 blood tests and hcg levels still going up slowly, not as fast as I'd like, so am feeling pretty bad about it all. I cannot believe this is happening again. This is the 5th day of dark brown discharge - only when I wipe - getting no worse, but also no better. U/S showed normal sac etc, but no heartbeat last week, but was only 5 1/2 weeks, so maybe too early. My thoughts go out to you all and I hope that everything works out for you as well as me.


me too - November 22

Melanie J: my prayers go out to you. I will tell you what the doc told me brown blood is old and not to worry, worring begins when there is bright red blood with or without cramping cause that is fresh/new blood. Hope all works well for you. I We are back to trying in late dec!


me three - November 26

I am also about 9 1/2 weeks. Started having bleeding like my period...pregnant with twins. I was so upset about I'm more upset that I'm probably losing them....


another one - November 30

Hi everyone... it's so rea__suring to read your messages. I had a lot of trouble finding anything about light bleeding in the 9th or 10th week. It's nice to know I'm not alone, even though I am still worried. I am calling the doctor tonight and will hopefully get rea__suring news myself. Hope all goes well for you.


A - December 7

i am 7 weeks and had a quarter-size blood on my panties yesterday. after that it was transluscent brown spotting when i wiped. now nothing at all. should i be worried? the site of the darker red blood really made me nervous. i dont have any pains, i have some nausea, eating well, tired. any ideas?


Jenica - December 7

Ladies - i went through this with two of my pregnancy you can go to the emergency room and tell them your pregnant and bleeding and they will check your hcg levels - it is so hard on you your body and your baby when you stress i know you can't not stress believe me i have been ther ebefore and i am there now so hard as it is try and relax --best wishes and prayers to all


Lil Miss M - December 8

I just got back from the emergency room tonight, due to ALOT of brownish blood and cramping. They took the blood tests and said my HCG levels were good and the u/s showed a baby and strong heartbeat AND I found out I am almost 9 weeks along instead of the 7 I thought I was. I am still having a little discharge and cramping and am going to my first OBGYN appt in 2 days. The doctor at the emergency room said though that this still can lead into a m/c. Any suggestions or simuliar experiences?



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