Bleeding In The First Six Weeks

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sonia - September 11

how long does spotting last for/implantation bleding and what colour should this be.


Jamie - July 23

Usually a day or two, but can last the length of a normal period. However, some women, myself included, have a totally "normal" period. It wasn't as heavy, but was still red in color and not just spotting. Most blood during prenancy is brownish from old blood that came from spotting after the cervix has been disrupted such as after a exam or intercoarse. Hope this helped!


Dana - July 27

Hi, I got my period 2.5 weeks early, and it was brownish spotting for like 6 days, then a regular period for another 6 days or so. Is this normal? I have the cramping, the nausea, the drowsiness, headaches, back pain, bloating, and I feel like there is something there. Does this mean that I am pregnant or that I probably am? If I didn't get my period that 2.5 weeks early, I'd be due for it now, but I had it so early, so I'm not sure that I would be late now. Please help. Thanks!


LinaV - August 13

Hi Dana, I got exactly the same thing that you did but about a week before me period was due. I think I am getting my period now too. It is all very strange and I am a little worried............. I have an OB appt on the 18th, so hopefully I get some answers. Let me know how things are with you. Lots of luck! Lina


Jacey - August 13

I has some light bleeding/spotting in my 5th week and then again at about my 7th week. Both times lasted about 3-4 days. It was usually a pinkish/beige color. At one point, it was even a dark brown. I'm 15 weeks now... and so far so good. =) Definitely call the doctor if you are concerned (I did both times!). They recommended me it was okay unless there was fresh blood, blood to soak up a pad and/or bad cramping. Hope that helps!


sherie - August 22

How long does spotting last for in pregnancie?


danielle - August 25

i have been spotting mow for 3 weeks... why?


Amanda - September 11

Hi im amanda im 15 years old and im pregnant and during my second week i had alot of bleeding and me and my boyfreind were really concerned because we thought it was my period. somebody please help me how long is this supposed to last and why does it happen?


jessica - September 16

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i am bleeding i started off light pink and now its dark red. is that bad or should i be worried i am not having clots or cramps.


suzi - September 26

i noticed today that i was bleeding..i pa__sed 2 big blood clots and a few smaller ones... the bleeding has slowed down a lot since this morning.. can i still be preg?


mary - September 29

my wight is gain my last period was september 8 and I had sax with my husband on september 26 should be pragnent?


Rogue - October 1

Hi, I had s_x with my boyfriend for the first time this month after I had my period the month before. Well now it's about the time I get my period again, and instead of a normal period I've had brown clots of blood coming out. We used a condom but it sliped inside and although he pulled out before he came should I be worried that I'm pregnant?


tara - October 1

hi, suzi the same thing happened to me. i, pa__sed two big piece and one small piece of cloth blood, and after that, i started to bleed hevy, and then it stop, i take a pregnancy test it was positive. i am five week preg, and still spoting, i visit my doctor the say it was normal. i suggest you take a pregnancy test and visit your doctor. good luck, god bless.



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