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brandi79 - February 8

Hi all, I need some help. I posted a few days ago about this but have new info. I went for my first prenatal visit on 2/5 all was good they did an internal and order my bloodwork.My edd 10/3. I was ok all the way up to Tuesday night when I started to have a light pink spotting. Wednesday moring when I woke it it was brown spotting, so I called the doctor and they told me to come in. Once again the doctor did an internal and said that everything looked good , my cervics was closed and the blood is old blood. He order an ultrasound which i had done yesterday afternoon. The ultrasound did not show anything at all so the tech is thinking Iam not as far along as we thought. I talk to my dr after the ultrasound and for some reason they didn't do a beta hcg. I said no I want it done so they called the lab to see if could be added on, which it could but I won't get results until the next morning. All of this is making me soooo sick. Anyway when I woke up this am the blood was there again still brown spotting. When I got to work went to the rest room and there was a clot. So I called the doc again. They had my results this time for the beta and it was 1373. Is this low?? and to come in and talk about the ultrasound. Well i get there and they do another internal and my cervics is closed and I still have the old blood in there. He reoder a beta for Monday. to see if it raising or falling and wants me to come back on thursday for another exam. Meanwhile saying he is not convinced this is a miscarriage. And puts me on bedrest for the next week. Has anyone gone through this and if so how was your outcome. And does anyone now what the beta should be for 5-6weeks. Thanks for listening, and sorry it is so long just need someone to talk too.


kimberly - February 8

I am soooo sorry for what you must be feeling! I know it would be scary. I have heard of this happening to many women before and then they go on to be just fine. Anytime there is spotting or bleeding it could mean things are not fine which is why I am sure you are scared... But, it is sometimes never known why a women bleeds and most of the time there is nothing wrong so keep positive!!


kimberly - February 8

I forgot to say that I think for 5 or 6 weeks your hcg is fine, the thing is they want it to be doubling every two days, you might asked to see if they can re check and see if it doubled or not. There are sites if you type in hcg levels in the search engine that will give you a list of the normal ranges. Again so sorry you have to worry and I am sure things will be fine!


DownbutnotOUT - February 8

I had my HCG taken at 4 weeks 3 days it was 186 and than 4 weeks 5 days it was 397 so if you think about HCG doubling every 48 hours we can come up with some examples real fast. 5 weeks my HCG might have been 800 and at 5 weeks 2 days at 1600. Your HCG might be doubling every 2-3 days so its still seems normal, you can google "HCG levels during pregnancy" and it can show you evrey women is different it only really counts if the numbers are doubling, that means viable pregnancy. i had spotting in my first tri and 2nd tri and every thing is fine. Also my u/s at 4 weeks 5 days showed nothing no sacs, nada and two weeks later there it was my little wee one with a strong heartbeat. i am currently 22 weeks and 5 days preggers with a boy! i know its hard but sometimes you can O late and than implant late pushing your due date back and u/s's can also be off up to 5 days. Take care and stay strong.


jen327 - February 8

Brandi, I bleed but really bleed 3 times so far and it was diagnosed as a Subchorionic Hematoma. I am on bed rest for a month. The brown is just old blood. A clot, not to big of a deal if it was only 1 and maybe mucus. You are on bed rest probably because they suspect an SCH, I would ask. Also it could have been implantation bleeding which would explain the timing. Your levels seem fine for being so early. Try and relax, I know it is hard, but it takes time for all this to resolve itself. Good luck!


brandi79 - February 9

Thank you so much for your replies. The doc called this a theatened miscarriage. I still have some brown blood. But the relaxing and laying down with my feet up seems to be helping. I guess we will know more when i go get my next beta done on monday. Once again thank ypu for all your positive help. It really does help.


brandi79 - February 16

Once again thank you for all of you responses. I infact had a miscarriage my beta went from1373 down to 600 and I had a D&C done on 2/13. I am on the rode to recovery right now. I just wish something could help me mentally. Good luck to all of you and have a h&h 9 months



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