Bleeding Red Blood

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Ashu - October 25

hi all, i am 8w 4d now, seeing some red blood ( no cramping) days. I have been to 3 u/s,everytime we saw good heartbeat and fetus growth is abs fine. Doc confirmed that cervix is closed. Again i'm having another u/s tomorrow. This is my first pregnancy after trying for 2 long years. Any of ur words worth me a lot. Also i am on prometrium 200mg (2x ) and Metformin. -thanks


Ashu - October 25

Has anyone heard of this problem (mentioned above)? Please help!!!!!!


Happymommy - October 25

I had bleeding (some reddish and pink, but mostly brown) from about week 5 to week 8 or 9 with my first baby. Then it stopped and I went on to have a healthy pregnancy. They never found out exactly what caused it, but said maybe the imbalance of hormones. I hope the bleeding stops for you, because I know how stressful it is!! Best wishes!


fefer1 - October 26

Hi - I had HEAVY bleeding at 11wks and 14 wks with my daughter. They said my placenta was too close to the cervix and causing some tearing/bleeding. But it was never really confirmed...I had a normal pregnancy and had a perfectly healthy daughter. If there is no cramping/pain I wouldn't worry too much.


Brendansmom - October 26

I had bright red bleeding when I was 7w3d. It was heavy enough to soak through my clothing while I slept. I couldn't get an appt with my Dr. for 2 days, needless to say I have a new Dr. By the time I had my appt the bleeding had slowed down quite a bit. My u/s was perfectly normal. I am now almost 32 weeks. The first dr. told me there is sometimes a gap between the placenta and uterus that causes bleeding while the placenta tries to attach. My new Dr. said that a good majority of bleeding that occurs in the 1st trimester cannot be explained. Don't get panicked. Bleeding doesn't always mean bad news. Good luck!


Ashu - October 26

hi all, Thanks for ur words.... But unfortunately today in my U/S they said they could see the fetus but no heartbeat (2 days back they saw heartbeat) :-(( . They gave an appt for D&C on thursday. May be i am not lucky this time but we will try again. Anyways thank u once again.


RMC - October 26

Ashu - last week I woke up soaked in blood with heavy cramping & some clots. After sitting in the ER worrying for 4 hours, I found out that a piece of my placenta had broken off. After going to my own dr this week, I've learned my chance of m/c is down to 3 %


Brendansmom - October 26

I am very sorry for your loss. I was really hoping things would work out ok for you. Just take all the time you need to make yourself better (((hugs)))).



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