Bleeding W Clots

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mandilee - April 19

Hey everyone- I am 5 wks 3 days preg and went to the doctor yesterday with bleeding. U/S was good, heartbeat was detectable and cervix was still closed. Today however I started bleeding really heavily and passing very large clots. I called the dr. again and went in for another u/s which never happened because he was called to emergency c-section. So they drew Hcg levels. Anyone ever have any problems like this and not end up m/c? I just feel so drained right now with all the ups and downs and I'm only 5 wks. Help anyone??


Mandy1984 - April 20

hi mandilee, I'm afraid that bleeding with clots in early pregnancy is usually Not a good sign, There are other conditions that can cause bleeds, Fibroides (if located at the neck of the womb) can cause severe bleeding, but in general its not good to bleed this bad, If you are losing enough to soak a pad every 1-2hrs then I would advise you to go to your nearest hospital asap, Sorry if this sounds gross, But if the blood and clots are more brown than red then that usually indicates that the blood is stale and old which usually is not too bad as the clots are only collections of stale blood, If the blood is fresh and bright red in colour then call your doctor again, Good luck and I hope everything goes ok for you


Susan W - April 20

I bled like that with baby #1. Everyone swore I would lose the pregnancy, but he stuck in there. Turned out it was due to the placenta burrowing into the uterine lining. I bled off and on with baby #2, and that ended in a m/c. I've bled again with this baby, and it's turned out that I have a subchorionic hematoma. It's very scary, I know, but there's nothing you did wrong. Good luck.


mandilee - April 20

Susan W- Did you have a lot of cramping with your bleeding during your pregnancies. My hcg levels came back good yesterday so I'm waiting for Friday to get those results. I just have a hard time believing that this pregnancy is ok because I am so uncomfortable with the cramping. Thank you for responding.


MaryMoon - April 20

Hah, I just posted this on someone elses question, but, I had bleeding for a few weeks when I was about 8-10 weeks along. I called my OB, whom I had not even met at the time, and he had me go for bloodwork and ultrasounds immediately. We found out the baby was absolutely perfect, and growing right on schedule, but I had a "Subchorionic Hematoma" which he said was fairly common, and clears up on its own. It was a scary time, a lot of bleeding, I made many trips to the hospital. But maybe that makes you feel better, because you can bleed, and have a perfectly healthy pregnancy :)


SharonInKC - April 20

Hi there. I am 11 weeks pregnant with my first child. Due date November 8th. I first had bleeding last March 21st. Went to the ER, they told me nothing, that it was a possible miscarriage. A month later, this past Tuesday, went to the ER. 400 that morning, woke up to feel a gush of wet stuff that felt like urine, went to the bathroom, saw that my panties were wet, with faint blood staining, went to the ER, dr did exam, did and U/S, baby heartbeat was 170, kicking and wouldn't stop moving, it was too cute, and also made me start crying seeing her (gut feeling it's a she), they said that my placenta was bleeding and sent me home. I'm scared, and hoping that the spotting doesn't mean anything, just freaks me out when I see blood!


mandilee - April 20

Well I think that I for sure had a miscarriage because when I went to the bathroom earlier something came out. It was about the size of my thumb and was a little hard and rubbery. Go to the doctor at 8:30 AM tomorrow to get levels drawn. Not expecting a miracle anymore. Ahh... this is just so sad:(


JAI - April 20

Mandilee....I am praying for you. If it was a m/c as hard as it is, just remember it was not healthy and not meant to be, and you WILL get pregnant again. However saying all that does not make it any better or easier I am sure. Fingers are crossed for you.


LollyM - April 21

I'm so sorry if you did loose the pregnancy. =( I miscarried the month before I became pregnant with my little girl (24 weeks now) and it was devastating for me and my fiance. I was only about 6 weeks. My miscarriage was bloody with large clots like how you are describing. Remember that it is nothing you did to cause it and you will be ok even if it seems so hard. If you don't think your ob is accurate in his/her findings, go to another doctor! It is my experience that the mother always knows over the doctor and you deserve the best care for yourself and your family.


mandilee - April 21

Thank you everyone for being so supportive. I find out today so I will let everyone know.


mandilee - April 21

Lost baby. Hcg levels were down to 300.


LollyM - April 23

Just try to remember that it was nothing you did to cause it, even though it is hard (I know, it happened to me too) Your next pregnancy will most likely go well, just keep trying. I can tell you will be a great mom, after all, you have been so attentive so soon! Allot of women don't even know that they're pregnant until 6 or 7 weeks. Don't be afraid to talk about it with loved ones if you are really upset (it helped me allot). Take care of yourself =)


LE1977 - April 23

I am to bleeding. I am 5 weeks 4 days. At 5w3d i started sptting brown very faintly - when i wiped. OIn the night nothing. This morning it was bright red/dark red when i went to toilet, ever since it has been brown spotting again. No pains yet.


kelley32 - April 23

LE1977 - sorry to say this, but that's exactly how my m/c started ... a bit of brown spotting then slowly changed to red, but was always light through the whole thing (cervix was closed, they said)so I was devastated when the doctors told me that I was having a m/c, I was 5wks 1day. Mandilee, I'm really sorry, just take comfort in the fact that many of us have gone through it and gone on to deliver perfectly healthy babies. Best of luck!!


mandilee - April 23

Thank you so much everyone. It's definetely been tough but I have a 19 month old so you have no choice but to cope and move on. I know there will be another one and I already feel so blessed to have my little girl to help me through this. I definetely feel for moms that m/c their first child. So thank you for your kind words LollyM and Kelley32 and LE1977 you will be in my prayers. Bleeding doesn't always mean m/c though so I would check in with your dr. first thing Monday. Keep us posted. It helps to have other women to talk to that have experienced the same thing.



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