Blighted Ovum Anyone

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Linette - January 30

If you've had a blighted ovum, will you please tell me what happened? How far along were you and then what happened? Did you miscarry or what happened? How long did everything take? I am dying b/c that is what my doc thinks is going on with me.


Deb - January 30

I'm pretty sure blighted ovum always results in miscarriage. Sorry, sweetie, that's probably not what you wanted to hear. Go to and then on the right scroll down and go into "pregnancy loss". You can then click on "blighted ovum" to read about it. Good luck!


SuzieQ - January 30

I had a blighted ovum last year. I had spotting starting at 4 weeks, and had an ultrasound at 8 weeks that discovered that there was no development. Basically, there was an empty fetal sac, with no evidence of a fetal pole or anything. We were heartbroken, to say the least. I waited for a natural miscarriage, as I preferred not to have a d&c. Take care


Heart - January 30

I shared my experience in response to "LMP at 6 weeks but fetal size shows 4 weeks". Unfortunately, a blighted ovum is the result of a genetic problem. It's a case of fertilization taking place however, the development of the baby never happening. Normally, doctors will not wait for you to miscarry and will perform a d&c soon after the 7th week. I'm sorry you're going through this and I can only hope the doctor detects a fetal pole during your next visit to put your mind at ease. However, should it turn out to be a blighted ovum, there's still reason to be happy ... at least you know you can have babies! =D Good luck and keep us posted.


Heart - January 30

Hi SuzieQ, I was told that a natural miscarriage can be very painful hence, both the doctor and I thought it best to have a d&c. Was it really painful and did you bleed a lot?


Linette - January 30

I am 11 weeks and so I figured I would have miscarried by now. I am just so worried. My doc said I may not be as far along as I thought but I got a positive hpt in Nov., putting me at 11 weeks. Of course hubby and I have had s_x since then but only twice due to me spotting. So, I guess it is POSSIBLE that I got pregnant and then the ovum dissentegrated and then I got pregnant again. I mean, has anyone ever heard of that happening? Also, we saw the yolk and the sac and according to one of the 2x we had s_x, I would be about 5.5 weeks which is in accordance to what we saw on the ultrasound. Please, give me your input if you have ever heard of anything like this before.


katt76 - January 30

Linette, I have two empty sacs right now, and another sac with a baby and fetal pole. They said my ovulation could have occured at different times. It might be possible. But I think you would have had to miscarry and then ovulated again. Probably slim chance. If you had a blighted ovum you really should have a DNC!


Laci - February 1

hey L i wrote back to you today, but i wanted to let you know 2 weeks after i had a miscarrage i got pregnant again. withought having another mens. cycle. so i think it is compleatly possible.


SuzieQ - February 1

Heart - yes, it was painful. Basically, three hours in ER with nothing for the pain - er in canada sucks. I could do it at home though - no one told me what to expect so I didn't understand exactly. Once it was done though, my body felt a bit tender, but good. I had a d&c with my second m/c (only because my body wasn't naturally miscarrying) and it was ok. I dislike being in hospitals and on drugs, but I had very little pain. It took longer to heal, and I had bleeding for 9 days afterward (whereas with a natural, the bleeding only occurred during the m.c) Out of the two, I would prefer a natural just because I was aware and felt afterwards that my body knew what it was doing. Sounds screwy, I know. Best wishes


Lil Lady - February 2

I'm not exactly sure if my first pregnancy which resulted in miscarriage was a Blighted Ovum, but I'm pretty sure it was. I a__sumed myself to be about 3 months, but when I started spotting, heavy bleeding with cramping & then it finally came out naturally which was soooo painful all we saw was a sac. There was no baby or anything inside! I was so confused. When I had an U/S the first time I went to the ER the technician said I was still pregnant but we couldn't see anything, it looked empty. Good luck with everything. I'm just starting my 7th wk so I'm nervous myself. I get an U/S soon so I'm excited & nervous to see if everything is ok.


katt76 - February 2

I have one viable baby and two blighted ovums. Just praying that the baby that is ok stays ok. The other sacs are empty!!



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