Bloating And Stomach Pain At 6 Weeks

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Maggie - August 31

I have constant pain and bloating in my stomach. The pain reduces a bit after eating but returns soon after. Any suggestions what I should do. Is it normal?Thanks.


carrie scalisi - April 2

Hi I had a misscarriage last july im afraid of haveing another one.I belive im five weeks i took a test and it was positive,but im haveing a little cramping and my tale bone hurts.But im not bleeading is this common


Sandra - June 15

Yes this is normal. But if it gets so bad that you can't handle it, contact your Dr.


Cathy - June 15

I am having the same thing happening to me.


sandy - July 11

i was 6wks & had the same problem. my doc told me it was normal but now my tummy seems flatter & i'm 7wks. is this normal!


jenny - August 19

i have stomach pains and im 6 weeks


kim - August 20

I may not be a Dr. or have expert advise, but i can tell you what I know from experience. I am 10 weeks and I too had bad cramping my sixth and seventh week. I went to my Dr, and she said it was normal, she informed me it was just my uterus expanding and pulling the tendands making room for baby to grow. She also said if it gets to the point to where i cant move and it lasts for days straight without relief i should contact her right away. I hope I helped some of you.


Violette - August 28

Hi guys!! I am 9 weeks pregnant and I can't take this pain. I have some cramping but I have a horrible stomach ache. Is that normal?? It's like a wave, comes and goes but it's mostly there. Crackers aren't working and 7-up isn't either. Please help!!


Karen - August 31

I am also 9 weeks and this is my 2nd child and I am 42. I also am bloated, cramping, very tired and nasuated throughout the day. With my daughter it was the same way. The good news is for most of us it is only temp. By 11-14 weeks we will feel like a normal human being again only with alittle tummy. Hang in there. By the time you start to show, most people around you will be pampering you and of course the prize makes it all worth it!


Karen - August 31

One more thing..... I have found what has helped me is to NOT eat too much junk food. Take ginger tabs or powder throughout the day, wear accupressure wrist bands, eat healthy snacks very frequently, like broth, soup (limit salt), saled, eggs, fish, whole grains, seeds, nuts etc... also, before bed eat a meal that will fill you up till morning. (not too big or it will bloat you) Wish you well......


April - August 31

My pains havent been bad in my stomache.. everyone says they have had bad cramps. I did my second week to my 4th week. Nothing at all this week.. One thing I am eating like a man women! I am going to have to try and eat less... I have gained 5 pounds already! And I am only on my 5th week!! ahaha imagine 8 more months to go!


Angie - December 25

i am having some cramping and bloating feeling too..


Michelle - January 6

i am 7 weeks pregnant and i have stomach pains too. Is this normal? Some say its just gas, is that true? Its there all day and i feel better when i burp, but the feeling never goes. Also when i eat a full meal, it feels like nothing has gone inside, like my stomach is still empty. This stomach ache just makes it feel like its all empty. Is this normal. Please help!


Jennifer - January 7

Wendy, there's no excuse for your rudeness. As someone who is 6 weeks pregnant and cramping, it can be a scary experience. Even when the doctor tells you it's normal, it doesn't feel normal. Have some compa__sion for others. You obviously have issues of your own.


Nancy G - January 7

Wendy Woo Hoooooo? Your resonse is sickening - go to another site where rudeness it tolerated. This is simply a chat line for women who want to compare symptoms and feelings. That is what this is all about. We really do not need the likes of you trying to dampen others spirits. Bye! Bye!


Anne - January 8

I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I too have crampy feelings in my abdomen. This is my 2nd pregnancy and remember it from my first, so I expect it's normal. I do notice that my stomach is alot bigger already in this pregnancy. Anyone else showing quite abit at this stage?


M - January 14

I too am 5-6 weeks with pretty uncomfortable cramping I went to the doctor yesterday they gave me a prescription for an ultrasound and blood work. I have a history of ovarian cysts I believe one ruptured the other night, but I still have extreme tenderness and on and off abdominal pain, very low.Also, I'm a pretty small woman and I too am showing already.



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