Bloating And Stomach Pain At 6 Weeks

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Barbara - January 18

Hi Julie, I know how you feel I have had 2 miscarriages in the last 7months and found out I am pregnant again and today I too have stomach pains but try not to worry this is all you can do


dee_munson - April 18

Hi everyone and congratulations!! I have just found out that I am pregnant with my first baby and am very paranoid about every little feeling i am experiencing! We think that i am about 6 weeks gone! I am often constipated and always tired and hungry! I have experienced some sickness but I am fortunate to have found the cure! (For me anyway!!) My mother who has had five children gave me a teaspoon of fresh ginger grated into hot water with a little honey. Leave it to stew for about ten minutes and strain the ginger, drink it whilst eating some toast and ta da the sickness pa__ses!! I have been having this every morning, but it only works for me if i have it within an hour of waking! I am also very bloated but i dont know if that is baby or gas! Well, good luck everybody!!


Carola - April 29

Hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I have a horrible stomach ache that lasts 24 hours and it's sometimes so hard to deal with. This is my third pregnancy . I had had to miscarriages before. I'm really paranoid now. And I wonder if ginger powder or tabs can really help. Please someone who can tell me I'm going through something normal and that this is going to go away.... I know I'm asking too much!!! Any way...


Shalynn - May 17

I am now 12 weeks and I have had a constant stomach ache as well. It started when I was about 6 weeks and has not stopped since. I am miserable--can't eat & I've lost 7 pounds. Everyone keeps telling me it does get better, so I am waiting for that day! It does make me feel better to know that I am not the only one going through this!


bella_donna - May 29

OMG!!! finally a site where people have similar feelings!!! i have been having a slight burning feeling right above my belly b___ton, but then yesterday it felt as if i had done 100 situps (which i of course hadn't) I am almost at 6 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and i am FREAKING OUT! Has anyone else had slight,(but constant) very minimal painright above the belly b___ton. I normally wouldn't even notice it , but now even when my stomach growls, i think "oh no!" hahaha i am going to be a worried mommy. Thanks!!!


sunflowergoddess - May 29

Bella: I have had that exact same feeling of having done 100 roll-ups, when in reality I was just lying down for a nap... Very glad to hear you are experiencing something similar.. I was beginning to think something was wrong


lisa s - February 8

i am nearly 7 weeks pregnant and am to experiencing bloating and stomach pains!! this will be my second child and i dont remember having pains in my first pregnancy!! i was quite worried until i read some of there posts... thank you!!


lil brianna - March 28

Hi there.Im "supposedly" at my 8th week turning 9 week i got my pt during my 4th week and it was negative i just had it once and never tried again but now im having terrible headache and dizziness feels like i want to sleep the whole stomach was feeling so bloated like everything is on my upper stomach,is it normal?im not eating too much but its still big and looks like its full but feels like im empty even after i eat.i also have frequent pee trips.but i have a normal bowel it turns normal,it never been like this before.whats this?do you think im preg?:(


sherz - September 18

I am also on my 9 week turning to 10 and i am also having some cramps, back pain, lower abdomen pain and i feel it mostly when i am getting up from the bed and the sofa,in the morning after taking my bath i feel this nornal and when will it stop?


lorrielocks - October 11

i also am pregnant i'm 5 weeks now and i have awful bloating and some cramping but not much, i am very bloated though and look around 5 months not weeks. i'm a small woman and am showing already but probably bloating and fluid retention, good luck to all


Carrie-Anne .H. - January 10

hi i was just woundering if anyone can give me some tips as im only 5weeks well suppose to be as i have done a test and it confimered i positive i double checked a couple of days later and it said i wasnt but since i checked how far i should be if i was sorry for being discusting but i had horrible discharge but i did read that was normal but now im getting these little sharp pains in my side every now and then and feel sick all the time i know the sickness is normal but i not sure with the pains they all ways seem to disappear for a bit after i eat it do worry me as it will be my first thanks to any replys.


jodie1984 - January 18

Hello i have been having some cramps at night when i go up to bed this is my 5th baby im feeling really sick like i never have before is this normal? I dont want to eat i feel so bad any tips? x


cheekygrl69 - June 23

hi i'am 11 week's and 5 day's pregnant i just would like to know if it's normal to lose weight i was 88kg and then 90 and now i'm 87 plz some one help me with an answer



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