Blood Clots In Uterus 6 Weeks

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Jennifer - August 12

An ultasound shows that I have a blood clot above the placenta in my uterus. I'm currently on bed rest, 2 weeks total, 1 week left. I'm wondering if the blood clot will disappate or if it doesn't what am I in store for if I do not miscarry.


Cate - June 14

You are not alone.I was diagnosed with the same thing this past weekend.I have placenta previa, so the clot cannot drain.I would love an answer to this question.I`m 12 weeks pregnant.


jennifer - June 15

Hi Cate~ I had an ultasound yesterday, my third since 6/1, and it appears that yesterday am I pa__sed the blood clot. My doctor had told me I would not pa__s it either, but it no longer shows on the ultrasound. I'm in store for another two weeks bed rest because the bleeding has not stopped. In two weeks we will rescan to ensure that the clot has really not out of the woods yet. There is quite a bit of info on placenta previa on the net, do a search on google and on give differing search results.


jennifer - June 28

So my outcome was miscarriage, the little tadpole could not overcome my blood clot issue. :-( Jennifer


lee - July 1

Jennifer, Sorry to hear of your loss. I myself just suffered the same result as you. I am very baffled by this, it is my first pregnancy and my doctor cant seem to give me an answer of why these blood clots occurred.


jennifer - July 1

lee- it sounds like we experienced the same thing! i'm sorry to hear they had the same outcome. this too was my first pregnancy and it appears that the heartbeat stopped about 7.5 weeks, i should have been at 9.5 weeks. neither of the two doctors i've seen had explaination for the clots either. I guess i'd rather have this outcome than to give birth far prematurely or to a baby with bad birth defects.


Ann - July 2

My doctor told me I have a clot too, but I have had no bleeding. I wish I could find out more, but she said as long as I am not bleeding that I should not worry.


Lee - July 3

Jennifer, I dont think I will stop asking questions, I am trying to get some answers from the internet. The web site has various articles that might be of interest to you. Thrombophilias and Pregnancy, might be a read for you. I dont know if I have this disorder but I am going to insist that the dr test me. We have a family history of clotting during pregnancy, but no prior testing has been done. All the best to you. Lee


Elizabeth - July 12

I was just diagnosed this afternoon with a blood clot near the "little one," and was told just to take it easy. I'm still bleeding a bit, and want to know what the difference is between placenta previa and just a blood clot. I'm only 6 weeks along. Anyone had this with a healthy delivery? Thanks! Elizabeth


Jennie - July 12

I had 3 major blood clots/ bleeding episodes during my last pregnancy, starting at 6 weeks. The doctor gave my baby a 50/50 chance, and I was on and off bedrest during my pregnancy. Everything turned out fine, though, and I now have an extrememly healthy 15 month old son. Hopefully I won't have the same clotting problems with my next pregnancy; but if I do, I'll know not to worry too much.


Jennifer - July 14

Yes--it is difficult to find answers to this poblem. I found alot written about placenta previa--but the two doctors I saw agreed that wasn't what I had. Lee, I will check out the info on Thrombophilias--thanks! My doctors advice was complete bedrest until the bleeding stopped, which ended up to be 5 weeks. The bleeding would stop for a day or two then start again, it wasn't very heavy but it just never stopped. Bed rest gets to be a drag, but if it helps the little one it is well worth it. I must admit I am glad to be back to normal activity, and still sad that we won't be having a baby in January. We are hoping this is not an indicator of things to come. Jennifer


Ashley - July 20

Last Friday, I was spotting a little (week 6). An ultrasound on Saturday showed a blood clot near the fetus. I then had heavy bleeding for a day and a half and yesterday's sonogram showed a huge blood clot and an empty amniotic sac. It was my first pregnancy too. Thanks for the info. tips. Best of luck to those dealing with this too. My sympathies to those who suffered the same outcome as us. Hopefully we'll all find the necessary info. to help us next time.


peg - July 24

jennifer, sorry to hear good luck next time. i'm about 8 weeks preg. and flipping out. at about five weeks they saw a sac and a blood clot. 6 weeks they saw a yolk in the sac and the blood clot. yesterday we saw the heart beating and the blood clot grow. I've been spotting slightly for the past week. the doctor says i have a chance. Does anybody know if you could have a healthy baby while the blood clot is growing as well? can I have this blood clot the whole pregnancy?


jennifer - July 28

Hi~ when I was going through my blood clot ordeal one of my Dr.s said that the blood clot would be present through the entire pregnancy. She also said the goal is for it not to grow, or preferabily to shrink. My other Dr. agreed that shrinking is the best thing to see, however she also said that is is sometimes possible that it will pa__s, in which case the pregnancy should proceed normally. They both agreed that with a blood clot that reduced activity, or bed rest is recommended to help the body cope. Another thing they both agreed upon was stress--it is essential to keep positive and reduce the amount of stress you are exposed to. They also agreed that after week 12 chances of going to full term are more likely, however bed rest may still be required. Best of luck--I know this is a difficult situation. Jennifer


Kathy - July 29

I had a pregnancy loss at 16 weeks,they ran tests and found out I am at high risk for blood clots. I am now about 5wks preg.I also have had 2 trouble free pregnancies.Has anyone else ever experienced my situation? My Dr.will consider this a high risk pregnancy with lots of monitoring. I am sooo nervous.


Julie - August 1

I too have experienced really bad bleeding and have a large clot. I am now 23.5 weeks pregnant and hoping it all goes well. None of the doctors were able to provided me with an adequate explanation for why the bleeding has occured. The size of the clot was originally ma__sive about 12cm long x 5cm wide and 3 cm deep. The doctor said that I have been lucky to get so far. From 5 weeks to 16 weeks I had about 7 episodes of major bleeding. In one instances i had uncomfortable cramping that went on for ages and expelled large dark clots the size of my palm. Your clot does not sound so bad. My clot has now reduced to a quarter of the original size and I am just hoping it does not dislodge and break the amniotic sac! What we have to go through !! At least I did not have any morning sickness ! If the clot does not disappear now or during the birth your care provider may need to remove it manually after the birth by giving you an epidural.


Ann Gillen - August 4

Hi, I'm 40 years old and I'm now currently 6 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Ten years ago (after several miscarriges) they discovered (through blood work) that I had a blood condition that put my placenta at risk for clotting. The condition is called Anti-Cardiolipin. Apparently many people have this condition and don't know about it so you may want to inquire to your doctor. Right now I'm not so hopeful for myself. I'm now experiencing a strange jabbing pain in my left side with some sporadic brownish discharge ... my family doctor is on vacation and I'm feeling quite doomed. I went to a clinic yesterday whereby the doctor had no clue -- he couldn't help me out. Now I feel as though this is a big waiting game.



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