Blood Clots In Uterus 6 Weeks

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Ann Gillen - August 4

Hi, I'm 40 years old and I'm now currently 6 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Ten years ago (after several miscarriges) they discovered (through blood work) that I had a blood condition that put my placenta at risk for clotting. The condition is called Anti-Cardiolipin. Apparently many people have this condition and don't know about it so you may want to inquire to your doctor. Right now I'm not so hopeful for myself. I'm now experiencing a strange jabbing pain in my left side with some sporadic brownish discharge ... my family doctor is on vacation and I'm feeling quite doomed. I went to a clinic yesterday whereby the doctor had no clue -- he couldn't help me out. Now I feel as though this is a big waiting game.


angie wynacht - August 4

I am 6 weeks pregnant and had an ultra sound today at the er. the doctor says there was a small trace of blood where the fetus is attached to the uterine wall. should I be concerned?


Roisin - August 5

Tamara. Keep on hoping. The drug is HEPARIN. I have been on both Heparin injections (2xdaily in the tummy) and asprin tabs 1x daily. The asprin is not the normal "over the counter" tabs and is got by presciption. Good luck


Amy - August 12

Hi everyone--I am pregnant with my 3rd and in my 14th week. I have had inconsistent bleeding for 2 weeks now. My most recent ultrasound showed a 3inch clot in my uterus. I feel great except that I am sick of bedrest and it's hard on my toddlers. Anyone have an inspiring story to share with me and keep my spirits up?


Angel - June 28

sorry to hear about your ordeal. last year i was told i too had a some bleeding in my placenta. my son had a stoke during the delivery and now has cerebral palsy. it was explained to me that the body's natural clotting defense clotted my son's brain and caused the stroke. so please be careful anyone who going through this same thing.


ghizmo - February 21

i have experienced heavy bleeding with killing pain and two big blood clots these past 2 days, and i am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant, is it miscarriage i can't stop crying and thinking about it ,it is my first pregnancy. i have called my doctor all they said was rest, wait until the your bleeding has stopped than do a pregnancy test as we can't offer any ultrasound at the moment. and i can't really wait pleaseeeeeeeeeee help anyone



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