Boobs Leaking

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DDT - January 3

I just got my BFP last night. I already have a 10.5 month old. This was not a planned pregnancy and I am still attempting to get over the shock of it all. I have not had AF since 5 months post-pregnancy. This past weekend I noticed I was leaning clear fluid from my br___ts throughout the day. I am NO idea how far along I am. I hope not too far as I haven't been taking my folic acid of course...and I drank a bit over New Years. Does anyone know when is the earliest a woman can start leaking once pregnant. I have one source that says 14 wks but I just can't imagine that I can be that far along already. BTW I only br___t fed my lo for 6 wks so I know its not due to that. Thanks!!


DDT - January 3

Oh, I just wanted to add that even though I haven't had my AF in 5 months I have taken numerous HPT's and this was the 1st BFP I have seen.


Cevvin - January 3

I weaned my baby about 3 months before i got pregnant again. I think i started producing again when i was 8-12 weeks. sorry for the general idea but i didn't freak out cuz this is my 2nd and i knew it would happen so i dont remember. Im sure when you go to the doc that becuase your so unsure withyour dates they may do a scan to check the size of the baby. Good luck


andy - January 9

Hi DDT!!!! .. Congrats !!! I was just checking the other forms to see if some of my friends from the problems TTC were here already and I found you !!! Did you take the blood test already ?? with a cuantiative you can see more or less where you are week wise because 14 weeks is a long time you skipped the first trim without knowing.... Anyhow ..Congrats . you will have closed ages babies , I hope you have a little girl !!


HeatherIsHopeful - January 9

hey DDT... I did some research and found this ""Some women have experienced leaking b___sts during the first trimester of their pregnancy. In as few as six weeks, your b___sts will have grown in size, partially due to fat glands and partially due to the increase of the milk glands. Some women have had leaking b___sts as early as three or four weeks of pregnancy; however, this is not common. It is more common for women to have leaking b___sts by around the end of the first trimester, sometime between 12 and 14 weeks."" so yes, it CAN be b___st leakage :) hope that helps.. congrats to you! hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 9

Hello DDT, I know how you fell with the unplanned, happening so soon. My daughter is 4 months. I found out yesterday and I can't believe it, my DH is excited I guess that will get me excited too



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