Bowel Movements I Know This Is Gross But Need Help

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Danielle - May 10

Hi I am not confirmed preggo yet, but I am pretty sure I am. Anyway, I wondered if anyone on here is normally constipated before their preggo , but is now having bowel movements. I am usually dangerously constipated, I go to the doctor over it alot. Anyway, I always hear that pregnancy causes constipation but lately I have had b/m's regularly without evening taking laxatives, I mean everyday. Does anyone know anything about this?


Danielle - May 10

Please help!!!! Thanx


Liz - May 10

I am typically constipated, but have had loose stools several times a day since getting pregnant. You can see many other posts here from people who have had lots of diarrhea with pregnancy. I guess MOST women get constipated with pregnancy but certainly not ALL. I don't know what causes the difference. In any case, congratulations and enjoy your time of regularity!


Jodie - May 10

I am in the same boat as you danielle, have even spent time in hospital b/c of constipation, but for the first couple of months of my pregnancy i did have a lot of diarrhea but in the past few weeks my constipation has come back worse than ever. That should give you something to look forward to :)


Danielle - May 10

Thanks guys for your help, hopefully that means I am preggo spread some baby dust my way!!!!!! Thanx


Danielle - June 1

Hey Danielle, I am totally the same way its like totally cool to meet someone with that problem, I have had such a miserable time with bm's in the past, my body was really messed up for the fact I used to be buliemic, which kinda just screwed up my bm's, but not that i am pregnant, I have like 2 bm's a day, its soooo weird. But I am 4 weeks, and have had a difference since the day I conceived. Good Luck... -Danielle


patience - June 2

I think it fluctuates.....sometimes im soooo constipated, other times diarahea...


CL - June 2

It is common for women to have loose stool/diareah around the time of their periods and during pregnancy. It has to do with your stomach muscles relaxing and/or expanding.



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