Boy And Girl Symptoms Different

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kimberly - January 26

Hi girls! I have 2 boys now and they are my life, but I so badly want this baby to be a girl. I was hoping to hear from women who have atleast one son and one daughter and tell me how your symtoms were different with each of them. I know it really can't deterimine the s_x but though it would be fun to compare... My symptoms are very different this time around, so my fingers are crossed!!


DownbutnotOUT - January 27

I have 2 boys and than finally my little princess and once again im pregnant again. The only real difference is acne I get it severly on my back and a little on my face when im pregnant with girls, I think this one is a girl due to that but wont find out for another 12 days X_X. also i had bad vericose viens break out all over my neck with my daughter but they didnt show up till about 26-28 weeks and im not that far along yet. Oh ya also really sore b___bs with my daughter like so ouch ouch even without touching.


punkyn - January 28

im having a boy i am18weeks along . i also already have a boy and a girl . when i was pregnant with my girl she was a pain lol just like now !!! i never have m/s with any of my babies this time around i have only had sore b___bs and they are just now starting to feel better. baby dust ti all of you*)


jodie - January 28

Hey kimberly. I have a son and I am 15wks preg right now and I think its a girl. My symptoms are way different and I never broke out with my son but this time I break out sooooo sucks!


kimberly - February 1

Thanks ladies! My symtoms are different this time because with my boys I had flu like symtoms in the first trimester and I couldn't stay awake. With this one I have energy, and I am not all that sick. Smells bother me and I have this horrible taste in my mouth that wion't go away, I never had this with my boys. Sorry, I don't reply often but I just moved and my computer is not set up at home yet. I can only check in when I am not busy at work, but I will be reading! Any other experiences??


AnytimeLittleone - February 2

With my daughter, I was soooo tired and nauseus (but no actual vommiting). With this pregnancy, I am completely asymptomatic, like Im not even pregnant at all.. Im looking forward to seeing if the change in pregnancy symptoms actually means a boy!



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