Boy Name Thor

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lisarenee - March 6

Okay, I am scared to ask but I would like honest opinions. How do you think the name Thor will go over as an elementary school child?


ginger6363 - March 6

hey lisa, I think those stylized names can be difficult for children. I had a friend named Ulysses. His middle name was Seth and that's what he preferred to be called. If you feel strongly about it, go for it, but be sure to give a middle name in case the kid wants an "out" :)


lisarenee - March 6

That would be the middle name, he would be the second and I don't want to call him (if it's a him) by my husbands name, so we wanted to call him Thor.


lisarenee - March 6

Thanks for your answer, I guess his first name could be his "out" :)


JulieK - March 6

I'm only saying this cause you asked for honest opinions. Thor is what we named our dog, so for me I have a hard time imagining a child with the name.


jessicaspatherapist - March 6

i'm gonna be honest.....i do not like the name and i do think that elementary school kids would have a field day with that one. someone suggested using it as a middle name, that sounds like a better idea to me.


lisarenee - March 6

Okay, how do I delete this question? Thanks for the opinions.


ginger6363 - March 6

lisa, you can't delete a question. :) Don't worry about it, you can't help your husband's name. Remember, you should do what works for your family---everything else is opinion! :)


MrsShelton217 - March 6

I actually don't hate the name. I almost kind of like it. My only concern would be what if the child grew up to be this small framed just kinda nerdy personality. Would the name still fit him? My husband wants to name our son (if we have a son) Daniel Maximus and call him Max or Maximus.... well.. like I said in another post... My hubby and I are both only 5'5". All of our family is small framed, so chances are our kids will be too. I just don't see a 5'5" adult being called Maximus. :) Max might be okay... but I dunno. My Dads cat is named Max. :) :) But as for the name Thor.... I don't hate it. It wouldnt be MY first choice... but (if my child had a chance of possibally being more that 5 and ahalf feet tall) I might consider it


lisarenee - March 6

Thank you ginger6363 and MrsShelton217. I agree that the size and personality of the child would defiantly make a difference in this case. If the child turns out to be well liked by all then I do not think the name matters at all because kids don't make fun of the cool kid, however, it could go the other way like you said and he be introverted. My husband is 6'3 and I am an average 5'5 so who knows what will happen for sure but he gets mistaken for a football player so maybe, if it is a boy, he would be large. Decisions....decisions....we do know he will be the second, just need to decide what to call him by. Probably better to be safe than sorry. (for him)


DownbutnotOUT - March 6

I think thor but would be an interesting middle name also when me and dh had our first son Markus Arillius was a name on the list. thought I would share the unusual name lol.


afireinsideamanda - March 8

hate to say, the kid might just get teased to death in school. its not a winner in my book. it makes me think of a big fat giant. i hate to be harsh darlnig, i feel awful but i want to be honest


BiancaM - March 8

Lisa I love the name Thor. I think it's adorable and I think Thor is a strong name.


Cathy2 - March 8

Mrs. Shelton, The day your son finds our what his "gluteus Maximus" is he will die of embara__sment! imagine that health cla__s! hehehehe! kidding!


Cathy2 - March 8

lisarenee, I wouldn't worry about kids teasing your son at all. I am an elementary school teacher and the variety of names there is now adays is so colourful that most kids don't bat an eye at an unusual name...between the muslim names, indian names, polish names's all just wonderful and unique!


BeccaC - March 8

Sorry, I must agree with JulieK - our cat's name is Thor and it also is a popular racing product name for ATV and dirt bike riders. Also, it is not a pleasant name to roll off your tongue. I also guess it depends on what country you live in. Sorry.


lisarenee - March 9

Thank you Cathy, that helps alot, that is what I was really wondering, how children would react, I was not looking to hear that adults hate it, that was not my question at all. And Becca I know the brand, my husband has been riding since he was little. Thor is a strong Swedish name which is my husbands nationality. Lots of Dogs and I guess even cats have regular people names...



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