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singlem0m - January 15

Hey ladies, Started this as a fun thread. Let's guess what we're having. Since I have less morning sickness and I'm eating all the time I'm guessing boy. How about you?


augustmommy3 - January 15

i have no morning sickness and all i'm craving is sweets, deserts and all kind of sugary things! i have a feeling it's a girl though.


Renee-Marie - January 15

This pregnancy is different from my first (which resulted in a boy) so I'm going to say GIRL for me. LAst time I ate lots of pasta and comfort foods (could not stand any vegetables). this time, I'm eating so much fruit, salad and decaf tea. I even CRAVE vegetables (so far) Whatever is growing in there... I hope s/he is healthy!!!!!!


mrs.b - January 19

well, I have a son already and i had morning sickness with him for 3 months. I am pregnant right now and have no morning sickness this time, So i was thinking i was going to have a girl, I guess this just threw away my theory. lol


sarah21 - January 19

I say girl just because we were using rhythm method and trying not to get pregnant so it would require the long-lasting girl sperm to penetrate this egg... but we'll see. I have a girl already so I'd be happy with a boy but thrilled with a girl too. I really am happy with either.


bernadetteoc - January 19

Well since we already have three girls, yes three! lol I'm pretty sure this fourth will be a girl too. I'm sick just like I was before, the only difference is I seem to be craving more protein like things.


Dicegirl15 - February 2

I went to a Chinese Gender Calendar site just for fun to see if it could accurately tell me if I am having a boy or a girl. I did two separate ones and they both said BOY! I am so excited to be pregnant that it doesn't matter to me either way. I think boy, my mom thinks girl! Who knows for sure, plus I am only 5 1/2 weeks along! But it is still fun to wonder and guess!


norma jeane - February 2

This pregnancy is also very different from my first. Loads of symptoms this time around and a huge appet_te so.............I'm thinking boy. The thought of vegetables make me sick yet with my first I lived on all things green!?All I want is carbs and grease............I don't give in to every craving and I do choke down broccoli and spinach but it's been hard to resist fries and gravy and omg, pizza, even thinking of gooey melted cheese makes my mouth water. Fascinating how different pregnancies can be!


tryingx3 - February 4

Chinese Gender predictor said BOY last time - but we have a beautiful little girl. This time it says girl...maybe we will have a beautiful little boy! ha ha


EricaB - February 5

I am pregnant with my first, nine weeks now. I have been vomiting every day, especially at night or when I haven't eaten in an hour. I'm not craving anything, but when I can eat it's pizza and macaroni and cheese. My husband and I aren't going to find out the s_x until delivery! How accurate are these symptom predictors?


tryingx3 - February 5

I craved sweets and Bryers chocolate ice cream with my dd...of course, I was pg through all the summer months!


bernadetteoc - February 6

Erica I sort of think you never really know lol With my first two I was terribly sick and had girls, then I was barely sick at all, convinced it was a boy, and I had another girl. My sister was very sick and had a boy. Another friend of mine had three really sick pregnancies and had three boys. One of my friends swears that her hair grew faster on her legs only with her boy lol I think we always try to come up with someone but the only thing that really tells us is the ultrasound. I craved different things with each pregnancy. Oh and the Chinese thing was wrong for us too. hehe


tryingx3 - February 6

And don't start trying to guess by heartrate! :-) Around 12 weeks we were told by the heart rate it looked like it was going to be a boy - by our nurse pract_tioner. My DAUGHTER's heart rate stayed in the "boy range" for a long time! :-)


wunder75 - February 18

has anyone tried the chinese calendar? it would be interesting to see who it pans out for. i'm 7 weeks, and it's telling me boy. hmm. i know people who swear by this thing. i'm awfully skeptical, but it's fun.



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