Boy Or Girl Make You Sicker

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jatom - September 4

I am 9 weeks today, this is my second pregnancy. My little girl just turned one. Just wondering if any of you ladies can compare pregnancies with me? I was quite sick with Hannah and had constant nausea until about 16 weeks. With this pregnancy it is completely different.....just tired headachey,and really burpy. Sometimes I even can't believe I am pregnant. I know each pregnancy is different but I just wanted to see how everyone felt being pg with a boy and with a girl????


sahmof3 - September 4

I have three kids- boy, girl, boy- in that order. The first trimester I was just a litle sicker with my daughter, not much, though. But, I WAS sick the whole 9 months with her, but not the boys. And, with both of my boys I had low platelets...which made for a hard recovery from the first because I had along, hard labor that ended in c-section- and with my other son (a scheduled C) I wasn't allowed to have a spinal for the C, I had to be under general anesthesia. I didn't have low platelets with my daughter!


Cabbie - September 4

With #1, no morning sickness, but tired alot=girl. With #2, sickness until 14 weeks and tired, ga__sy, etc=girl With #3, sickness until 16 weeks and tired, etc=boy


Tammy276 - September 4

my first one I wasn't sick at all, in fact, I didn't even start feeling pregnant until I started showing and it was a boy.....this time around, I am extremely exhausted and nauseous all the time, so I am hoping it is a girl...I've read in many books and on the internet that if you are pregnant with a girl, you are 50% more likely to have m.s. and it is likely to be worse than if you were preggers w/ a boy.


Meghan - September 4

I have always wondered the same thing. this is my first pregnancy and I havent been sick AT ALL i got sick once and i think that was just from excitement of getting a new job. I am only 12 weeks along but so far I dont even really feel pregnant. so I am hoping I have a boy :) good luck with your pregnancy


Seredetia - September 4

Just thought I'd pipe in ... I'm 16 weeks now and I *STILL* don't feel pregnant. ;) Don't feel bad. Sometimes I feel a bit queasy and my ankles swell...oh, and stretch marks on my thighs/b___t. YUCK. Other than that I'm peachy and feel like running a marathon. Was pretty sick for the first 12-13 weeks or so, though.


Seredetia - September 4

oh, and I find out soon what I'm having..I'll update you guys. ;)


co-hopeful1977 - September 5

I don't remember feeling very sick with m/s with my son. But this time around I feel terrible, like I could puke any minute. I am only about 5 1/2 weeks. For week 4, I was craving protein, like hamburgers, but the past 4-5 days, I have felt really full and bloated even when I haven't eatten for a while. I'm having wicked heartburn and feel like I could vomit all day. My g/f told me that that is a sure sign of a girl, we hope so.


Mommy_to_be - September 5

I was sure I was having a boy according the wives tales (sickness=girl) morning sickness or nausea at all really...just a lot of bloating and some food aversions and cravings...and it's a GIRL! You never know....the most reliable way of guessing is if your mother has a strong feeling about it being a girl or a boy...the mother-to-be's mother is right over 72% of the time


tyler0323 - September 5

with my first, a girl, i didnt start getting any symptoms untill about 3 months and then it was only the smell of meat made me sick or someone b__wing there nose. it was not that bad at all. with this one, i was sooo sick and super tired for about 4 weeks and it was an all day thing for me and it finally got better a few weeks ago, i still dont like the smell of meat cooking nor can i eat it. i think this one is a boy cause its been way worse than my first.


jatom - September 5

I am feeling like it is a boy......I just feel so different. When I was pg with my girl I couldn't stand meat of any kind. And now I am eating meat everyday......and I crave salt.......with my girl I craved sweet........HORMONES ARE CRAZY! THANKS for all your responses........we are still debating wether to find out about the s_x........I think I want to wait!!!!


HannahBaby - September 5

I dont think either, i was sicker with my son (im 34 weeks now) than i was with my daughter but i have a friend who is just the opposite.


momofboyz - September 6

I have wondered the same thing. I have heard if you get m/s early it is a girl. With my first I didn't get it until 9 wks. and was gone by 12 wks. Not too bad but mornings were horrible = boy. Second I was sick morning and night from 6 wks. until about 16 wks. was also taking medication for m/s = boy. This time I was sick from the moment I found out and am 11 wks. and feeling much better. I had it really bad wks 6-9. We are hoping for a girl.



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