Boyfriend Question He S Rude

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Quigs227 - February 8

I know this should go under a different section, but I really need some help. My boyfriend is in shock and dismay that I became pregnant. He doesn't talk about it, he dismisses when I heard the heartbeat yesterday by saying "maybe you should talk to your mom about this things". I'm really sad and have been crying everyday because it seems like he doesn't care. I know what everyone says: give him time. And believe me, he doesn't ever bring it up, and I'm definitely not one to cry (before becoming pregnant, the last time was 3 years ago). I honestly don't know what to do. It's one of the most exciting times of my life, and the one that I love won't even talk about it. Any suggestions? I tried to give him time (I'm 12 weeks, he still hasn't talked about it). I've tried to have a "sit down" with him (he's pretty sly, somehow he turns the conversation to a different matter or starts a fight). I really love him. I never thought I could care about a person so much. What gives? I'm also not the type to take c__p from anybody so part of me just wants to be like "ok, see you later, thanks for nothing". I know that's wrong to do, but I'm honestly at my wits end! If you get time, what should I do?


diem - February 8

I don't really have any advice to give....I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you are going through this exciting time along. He shouldn't be treating you this way as it is HIS child too. You must feel pretty awful right now. <<<hugs>>>


debbie80 - February 8

I am sorry to that your bf really isnt invloved at all during this wonderful journey. Have you tried talking to his parents at all? I am 11 weeks prego and my dh has been at every appointment...wouldnt want to miss it for anything....give it some time, hopefully he will have a reality check and see that he is missing out on his child growing and seeing all the amazing things...good luck to you and keep your head up ;)


Megan P - February 8

It takes two. My boyfriend isn't all that hyped, but he realizes that he's going to have to get used to it. Still, it sucks that I can't get excited about anything. Guys are weird. Mines 35 and I'm 31. Younger guys I'm sure are way worse.... Hang in there. You're totally not alone in that boat.


ChattyKathy - February 8

My boyfriend is similar. He gets angry with me if I talk baby talk too much BUT one thing that helped was having him go along to the appointments. Ever since he heard the heartbeat himself, I've been able to discuss baby matters WITH him, not just TO him. I don't know. Guys really aren't that into pregnancy. Its one of those things that they don't get too involved unless they can REALLY be involved, hear it or see it for themselves kind of thing. Maybe that will help.


kristie h - February 8

Was the baby planed? My DH was similar but not that bad when i was pregnant with DS. To men it is not all fun and games, they are the bread winners, they have alot on their sholder when kids are coming on the sceine. Is he in a full time job? Is it a good paying job? Look at every aspect maybe deep inside he is freaking out over the responsibilaty, it is one thing trying for a baby but it hits a guy harder when you come out and say you are pregnant.


MommyMeg07 - February 8

At least he didn't leave you....



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