Boys And Girls Names Please

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Jokerzgirl - February 9

I think i have picked out what would be the name if i had a boy, but i have no clue what to name a boy. we are trying to go for not so common names. the name we picked out for a boy is Aiden Rage. i am stuck on what to name my baby if it is a girl. any suggestions?


jessicaspatherapist - February 9

you do know that aiden is like the most popular boys name right now right? i like it i'm just letting you know. I have a girl cousin named Avery if you like A names....her twin sister is Alexandra.


Jokerzgirl - February 9

yea i know. that is one of me and my fiancee's favorite music groups, plus we both like the name. personally if it was me by mysef picking out a name i would of went with Sebastian Ray. i have liked that name since i was little


lovestruckjsw - February 9

I love the name Avery. We have a hard time with boy names but for girls we have plenty! We're deciding between Aubree Ann, Macy Madison, Rachel Claire, and Avery Grace. There's so many choices!!! I just need to have a lot of girls and only one boy. All we can think of for a boy is Matthew Steven or Matthew Ross. They're both family names.


preggoplease - February 9

ok for a girl here is what I had in mind if I had one. Journey, Liberty, Serenity, Madison, Emily, Lillian (Lilly), and Paisley. My daughter's name is Jayde. So there are some ideas. Most of them are different, and unique. I LOVE the name Conner for a boy.


moescrilla - February 9

my name for a girl is Mikyelah (not mikayla, sounds like mik-eye-la) and for a boy I like Caden, but since my sis is preg. with a boy and will be naming her son Aiden (which was my first choice actually) I think Caden and Aiden will be a little confusing. So I really like the name Leyton. His name would be Leyton Bennett (husbands middle name is Bennett) and if its a girl It would be Mikyelah Suzanne (moms name is Suzanne) I love the name Jayde as well. My first choice was Mikyelah Jayde, but my friend named her daughter w/ the middle name jayde, know how that


tk07 - February 10

hi! if i have a boy we are going with either Jett Michael or Elliott Michael (michael is FIL name) for a girl i like Lilia, Fiona, Alexis (lexi for short), my Dh likes Sophie but that is his grandma's dogs name so i told him no way!


jendean00 - February 10

we are having a girl and I think we have settled on Lynnsie Brooke. We keep going back and forth on it. Had it turned out to be a boy it was going to be Christian Everett.


squished - February 10

I really like the name Caden too, but it's a hard sell for my husband......oh well. I can't believe how popular the name Aiden is! In 5 years there's going to be all Aiden's and Emmas in the cla__ses! I'm not meaning to offend anyone I was just making an observation.


riss - February 10

I have a daughter Tahlia and a son Kyah. I am 12 weeks preg. and my dh doesn't like any of the boys names i have, they are Eli, Noah, Coen or Koen, Micah, Miguel also like Schae and Beau, but we have a one syllable surname so i want a first name with a least two. For girls we both really like Amarlie and Samara.


aliciavr6 - February 11

Squished - you are right! My first choices were... get this... Ava and Aden! THEN I realized BOTH are in the top 10 most common for 2k6... So of course I just HAD to pick something else.



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