Breast Difference

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new to this - January 16

Hi. I am pretty much confirmed with 5 positive HPT's of 2 different brands. I am 6 days late and having headaches and lots of burping. This will be my first experience being pregnant and I have no idea whats normal and not. My left br___t had increased in size and is pretty sore. My right is only a little sore and has not increased in size at all. I approximate about 5.5 weeks right now. Is this normal? Thanks new to this


Jenny - January 16

The size of my b___sts are the same, but only one b___st has those pimply white bumps (which is normal) on them and the other doesnt. The one that doesnt have the bumps is less sore. I guess everything and everyone develops differently. They will probably get to the same size when they fill out more next trimester.


Wondering - January 17

I am 6 weeks pg and have no sore b___sts, no increase that I can tell and no pimply white bumps, is this ok?


ekay - January 17

Hey, Wondering, my b___sts only hurt because I have been beating the c___p out of them to see if they hurt at all! I do have a few little white bumps and I THINK my areolas are enlarged but it could be my imagination. I know how scary it is, but I have NO symptoms still. If you are really concerned go to your doctor for an u/s or blood work.


Wondering - January 17

At this stage should my areolas be enlarged or should I have those white little bumps?


= - January 18



ekay - January 18

Is this your first pregnancy. If you are really concerned about it, go get an u/s. This is my 4th pg and to be honest with you my b___bs didn't really get all that sore with any of them except my first. I only have a few white bumps, not like I am completely covered in them. I have to wait until the 26th before I find out whether or not my little guy is doing okay. :(


teresa - January 18

i am 7 weeks. my b___sts have grown and are very very sore.


Wondering - January 18

Yes this is my first and I have no symptoms and don't "feel" prgnant, which scares me more than anything :0(, I would go to the dr but my next apt is not for another two weeks and my dr just says that he won't see anything more now with a normal U/S.


ekay - January 18

That is exactly how I feel-not pregnant. I don't think I could handle another m/c so I am really hoping here. Read the thread about no symptoms at 8weeks. (right below this one) It might make you feel better.


Wondering - January 18

Thanks Ekay, it does make me feel better. I need to learn to not worry



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